Karl's Corner - 10/13/2001

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10/13/01 Sheeny checks in!

...while I'm out of L.A., Sheeny the Organized has agreed to send pix and reports my way to share with everyone. This is what she had to say about the last couple of days, as the band has re-started rehearsals...

LA Rehearsals
"After a rare, much deserved few days off, the guys have regrouped from their various ports to start up rehearsals. The tour was a huge high for them and it was extremely disappointing not to continue on in Europe, but they are making the most of the time suddenly made available. The rehearsals started on Tuesday (10-9) and they played 5 new songs that day ("Smiths Jamb", "Space Rock", "As The Day Goes By", "It’s Nothing At All" and "High and Dry") and another new one tonight called "Slave".
Some of the songs are brand spanking new, written from when we got back to LA, and some are from right before we left on the Midget Tour. The titles at this point are still very new and bound to change, a lot of them already have since Tuesday.
There were some mind blowing shows on the tour and in these rehearsals one can see why, together as a band they are sounding really tight. It’s all coming together as a monster rocking sound and it’s pretty amazing to see it."