Karl's Corner - 10/16/2001

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10/16/01 a word was born

UPDATE! pt 2
MONDAY 26-Nov-01 - San Antonio, TX /Freeman Coliseum -- confirmed online presale will start on Wednesday, 10/24 at 1:00pm CT. public on-sale starts on Saturday, 10/27. more info. w/ jimmy eat world & tenacious D.

SATURDAY 17-Nov-01 - Boise, ID / Bank of America Centre -- confirmed - details TBA (presale & on sale - likely late this week) w/ jimmy eat world and tenacious D -- =rwa= news

..It seems some folks aren't able to order stuff online, and are asking if the new calendars are available at any retail stores. So far, the only store chain I can say it's at for sure is Hot Topic, where they are currently in stock. I imagine they'll turn up wherever there is a big selection of calendars, like big bookstores and gift shops. But no one's reported spotting them anywhere else yet.

...there is another cool item in the online store now too! The weezer lunchbox!!! Designed by our buddy Andrew over at Gimetzco, this "tin tote" fully rocks (and carries) the weez flavors. Have a click on over to the store and check out whats cookin'.

...coming soon...the "Cobo Challenge" video clip!...