Karl's Corner - 10/31/2001

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10/31/01 he said dig 'em, I never dug 'em

...thanks to Kat, Mark Giner, Ryan (Toledo), Amy, and Sarah J for their fine weez-o-lanterns...

...hey folks, the Cleveland & Kalamazoo shows just got confirmed, check out the deets on the Tour page!

...today weezer took a huge and scary step towards a time when they hopefully can work freely and independently of unnecessary baggage that only serves to slow bands down and keep them unsure of themselves and overly dependent on others. The final outcome of today's behind the scenes legal action is not yet known, and there are sure to be numerous roadblocks and pitfalls ahead on this road. But what is certain is that the guys' very difficult and nerve wracking business related work of recent weeks was finally put to the test today, and the weezer team did a really good job. A collective sigh of temporary releif was had, as the day faded to evening and Halloween spirits and monsters started to wander the streets of L.A...

...So, for now, the band can get back to the "real" work, the creative side of things. Recording and shows!

First off, tomorrow: Thursday, November 1st, at Hollywood's Knitting Factory: A really exciting double bill! First AM Radio takes the stage, and if you haven't checked these guys out yet, you need to get over to the AM Radio website , and get the FREE Mp3s of this great new band. AM Radio is fronted by Kevin Ridel, an extremely talented songwriter and singer who goes way way back with Rivers. Check the Mp3s, and check out the show! These guys rock!
Second up on the bill are Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson's mighty Special Goodness. They also have some hot mp3s over on their website , and anyone who has seen them can tell you its going to blast your socks off! (I have, it will.) Pat has recently teamed up with a new bass player, Murphy Karges, who you might recognize as the bass player in Sugar Ray. If you are in the LA area, try and make it, this is going to be a fantastic show!

...The following day the weezer men will return to the studio for an intensive round of recording sessions needed to finish up the current new recordings. They have practically a full albums worth of songs nearly finished, and the recording is absolutely top notch quality. More on this when its fully finished, hopefully by next week.

...And early next week the 3 Gardening Progress exhibits will be taking place at Johnny Depp's House of Botany on Sunset Boulevard. These exhibits are walk-up only (no advance tickets), and are on Nov 6th, 7th, and 8th.And all 3 nights, before the Gardening exhibit is put on display, patrons will be given rock n roll sets from the aforementioned AM Radio and The Special Goodness! So bring your earplugs and your gardening gloves! (you may substitute a goat collar)

...and speaking of shows, the time soon draws nigh for Extended Midgets, Tenacious Ds, and Jimmys who Eat Worlds!