Karl's Corner - 10/12/2001

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10/12/01 bytes, bits, beats

...The San Jose show might be sold out, lots of folks seem to be having trouble finding tickets online.

San Jose UPDATE: Some fans have just reported getting tickets at the box office! Why they are unavailable online is unknown, but there are still tickets, at the venue itself.

...San Diego still has a small supply left as of this writing. Remember, if you are still holding old (September) SD and SJ tickets, they are of course valid at these rescheduled shows!

if your looking for san diego tix go here. last we heard there were 600 left and they're going quick! - from =rwa= news

...Seattle's Extended Midget show has apparently been confirmed. Right now I'm waiting on official word, but this info (below) is whats up:

Showtime: Thursday, November 15th at the Key Arena, Seattle, WA
Tickets on sale "next weekend" (i assume that means as of Friday Oct 19)...

...remember, the latest official word on all tour dates is kept updated on the "Tour" page!

...Also for Seattle area fans, there will apparently be a Weezer interview on 107.7 FM at around 7:15 A.M., this coming Monday morning.

...now here's a cool online vote dealie. England's (very cool) Q magazine has an annual awards thing, and Weezer's "Hash Pipe" has been nominated for best single! go to Q's website to vote.