Karl's Corner - 10/22/2001

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10/22/01 so...you're a philosopher?

..The UK "Island" single(s) are out, and there are two suprises: #1 is that "My best freinds are gone" was renamed "Brightening Day" and no one knew except for Rivers, and he forgot to tell anyone except the guy who lays out the art on the singles! Well, no biggie, its "Brightening Day" now. #2 is that they did a 7" vinyl release in addition to the "CD1" and CD2" format. Its a limited run like the "Hash Pipe" 7" was, and its on bright yellow wax. The b-side is "Always". Two things to note are that the island video on the CD single is the old Marcos Siega version for some reason, and the "Always" you hear on these singles is in fact an incorrect edit, and you can get the corrected version as a free mp3 on our "Audio Video" page.

The 2 CD versions of the single contain, respectively:
CD1: 1. Island in the Sun 2. Oh Lisa 3. Always 4. Island in the sun (cd-rom video)
CD2: 1. Island in the Sun 2. Sugar Booger 3. Brightening Day

...rumors surrounding Wednesday's upcoming galloping ponies exhibition being taped for future broadcast as an HBO Reverb presentation are true. I do not have any info as to WHEN the broadcasts will be, nor if there will be a live broadcast, but I have heard that HBO will be showing the performance numerous times in the coming weeks. So start checking your TV guides and get your VCRs ready!

...info has trickled in that the upcoming Knitting Factory show was in fact advertised in the LA Weekly, which hits the streets every Thursday afternoon around LA and suburbs. It is from this that some people knew to get in line on Saturday, (not to mention KROQ deciding to announce it Saturday morning). So, if history tells us anything, it tells us this: the LA Weekly is a useful thing!

...Kansas City confusion clears: the show in Kansas City is at the Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City, Missouri, NOT the Memorial Arena in Kansas City, Kansas!