Karl's Corner - 10/08/2001

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10/8/01 return of the boom bap

...ok its been a quiet couple of days, I know, but we've been working hard to get you guys the goods! If you havent been over to the "Audio Video" section recently, there are all kinds of new things there to keep you busy. And remember, Dan has lots more news up at =rwa= news too! (same link as the top right banner) - so dont sleep on Dan! He's on the case!

...and speaking of new goodies, as you know, the upcoming UK releases of the 2 different "Island" singles will yield some fresh official Weezer b-sides. However, We've learned that the track "Always", the acoustic ballad with string arrangements by David Campbell, is in fact the WRONG version! In the mass confusion back in the spring, it seems Rivers accidentally approved the edit he meant to keep off any future singles, while "shelving" the version he liked best. The version that appears on the single is about 2 minutes long, while the correct version has some additional sections and clocks in around 2:45. Right now Rivers is scrambling to track down the "real" version. Whether it can be put on the single or how it will get to the public remains a mystery for now.

...tour? shows? what? looks like the Extended Midget tour is gonna start a bit earlier, so the SD and SJ dates arent the very first ones. Soon we will have confirmed info for you...for now I can only say that *some* folks around the country are going to be saying "Alright! Its about time!" As for the upcoming Great Paintings exhibition you've been asking about, think: this month, LA area. Definately several chances to rock. Bring your Magic cards...Ok, don't do that.