Karl's Corner - 10/25/2001

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10/25/01 a black cat is bad luck, bad guys wear black

...today the guys went back into "SH" Studios, apparently still recording, though the schedule says they should be mixing the recordings by now. Well, I trust them to get it all finished up in time. Recording time is limited by the same spectre that forced a few of the green planet shows to be cancelled: legal disputes, and the endless meetings they cause. As of now, the guys have the following songs on tape, but Sheeny says the list will have grown by the time they wrap it up in a few days...

Living Without You
Fall Together
We Go Together
Faith In The Light
Do You Want Me To Stay
Diamond Rings
Your Room
Ain't Got Much Time
The Dawn
Change The World
So Low

..."Island in the Sun" has been released as a CD single in Japan. Its a bit different than the Europe/UK ones, in that they never did a "Hash Pipe" single so they changed up the b-side selection a bit: "teenage victory song" and "starlight". Art looks like the Europe one.

...In the "how did we miss it?" category, it turns out that back in the spring, the Japanese record company did a very limited Vinyl re-issue of the BLUE album! It was advertised as "an exclusive and limited release for japanese weezer fanatics" (translated). At this point the only thing I know about it is that that there arent very many of them (much like the 1995 UK original), and that the cover art looks like a low-quality reproductiuon of the cd booklet picture (also, much like the original UK issue) ..So, how can they be told apart? I imagine the new one would have some Japanese writing on it somewhere, and should say "Universal Records" on it somewhere instead of "Geffen" like the UK one. Happy hunting!

...meanwhile in Australia, they have released an "Island" CD single of their own: the single comes with a limited edition weezer "badge". (this means a pinback button, with a =w= design) The B-sides are: "Oh, Lisa", "Always", "Hash Pipe (jimmy pop remix)" and the older Siega wedding 'island' video.

...and (you ask) why are the Olsen Twins covering "Island in the Sun?" I suppose its because no one can tell them they can't.