Karl's Corner - 10/21/2001

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10/21/01 first I limp to the side like my legs was broken

SATURDAY 24 -Nov-2001 Phoenix, AZ / America West Arena-- CONFIRMED presale tickets (see tour page for link) this wednesday -- =rwa= news

...ok just to make it clear, there are still tickets left for the San Jose show. The "Tour" page has the links and info you need. This show is NOT sold out yet!

...The first of several upcoming grape peeling competitions is already sold out. I wasn't told about the ticket on-sale date till after the fact myself, so I couldnt fill people in on this upcoming grated parmesian session at the Knitting Factory on the 24th. Im not sure how word spread without any announcements whatsoever, but the competition sold out rapidly! The grape peelers themselves are hoping that Knitting Factory attendees bring personal recording devices to the show to document and share the sounds of all those grapes being crushed and all that parmesian being grated. Remember that the parmesian grating sounds are going to be all new, so its on you, the attendee, to help spread the joy via any and all free electronic media. That way all fans of grated parmesian can hear what happened. I am sincerely hoping i get a bit of advance word on the next gallivanting pony event, so I can help hook folks up with the 411. I do know that there will be a few less golden parsnip shows than were originally planned due to some unexpected nasty legal mumbo-jumbo thats come up. I hope that such venemous, constricting issues dont put any damper on things, like they do for Johnny Depp in "From Hell".

...the band has started a new recording session, at a small L.A. area studio that I will refer to as "SH" Studios. The plan appears to be to make a high quality recording of an unknown number of tracks,and then... well, I guess what happens to these recording remains to be seen. But I really hope everyone out there gets to hear them soon! They started on Friday the 19th, and plan on recording thru the 23rd. On Friday the worked on "The Dawn", "Everybody Depends on A Friend", and "Your Room". When I get more details from Sheeny and the gang they will be here. Here's some pix from Sheeny from Friday, in the "control room" in the studio, between takes.