Karl's Corner - 10/04/2001

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10/04/01 the this, the that, the other thing

...I've gotten some more detail as to why weezer didn't end up doing
Letteman this past Wednesday. Is seems as though everyone at the Letterman
show were eager for weezer to play the show, and everyone in weezer were (of
course!) eager to play the show. So what happened? We were wondering the
same thing, and finally learned that the Interscope publicity department,
who normally sets these things up, told both parties that the other wasn't
interested or ready to do the show. So Weezer had the impression that
Letterman couldnt do it, and vice versa. Everyone in the band is very
upset about this. The band is trying to set up another chance to do the show
as soon as possible, but they hope they aren't "shut down" again!

....oh yeah... earlybird special! [mp3]