Karl's Corner - 06/27/2002

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06/27/02 Boris the spider

R.I.P. the Who's John Entwistle 1944-2002

Studio Work Day 8: Los Angeles

  • Thursday 6/27:

A really straightforward day today. They came, they recorded, they left.
Here is the list of songs worked on today:
01 378 running man
02 381 organ player
03 295 mansion of cardboard (FKA So Low)
04 380 lullaby
05 289 we go together
06 371 hey domingo
07 379 fontana ("montana" was a typo)
08 xxx reason to worry (Pat's)
09 xxx louder than lies (Brian's)
10 368 prodigy lover
11 360 private message

...Rod whips out the movie camera for some film action...pix n' deets courtesy SK...

Studio Work Day 7: Los Angeles

  • Wednesday, 6/26:

One week and 35 songs later....how are they ever going to pare it down to an album? Already it’s hard to narrow it down and knowing these guys, the list is only going to get longer. Everyone’s got their opinions and favorites and of course they’re all varied, and it’s hard to please everyone... Anyway, the songs are sounding great and the amount of work that they are plowing through is impressive as always. Fortunately they have their foosball and Scott’s random comments for some amusement. And to rub it in some more, Rod Cervera was shut out by Rivers in a 10-0 game. (Sorry Rod!!) Here is the list of songs worked on today:

01 295 So Low
02 289 We Go Together
03 380 Lullaby
04 Yellow Camaro (Brian)
05 The Story is Wrong (Pat)
06 378 Running Man
07 360 Private Message
08 369 She Who Is Militant
09 379 Fontana
10 368 Prodigy Lover

...pix n' deets courtesy SB...

Studio Work Day 6: Los Angeles

  • Day 6: Tuesday, 6/25:

There was a lot of work done on keyboards again today except it was with Greg, another musician, as Shmed wasn’t available...well, the Weezer machine waits for no one. people agree that the songs do sound quite different now, but it is starting to really gel with the keyboards. The new tunes and the set up are interesting in that they are bringing in so many never before tried elements, like the keyboards and songs from Pat and Brian...so certain things are totally different but still Weezer at the same time. Here is the list of songs worked on Wednesday:
01 359 Untenable
02 The Story is Wrong (Pat’s)
03 Nice To Meet You (Brian’s)
04 Happy Together
05 363 Garbage Can
06 Yellow Camaro (Brian’s)
07 364 Wool Cap
08 295 So Low
09 360 Private Message

...pix n' deets courtesy SB...

Enlightenment Tour update:

Some more details have been sorted out, regarding the side stage activity. Now, as you can see on the tour page, not all these venues on the tour have side stages, so the side stage acts are having to perform at a seperate small venue. Here are the known scenarios that are going down:

  • Scenario 1: Most shows (3 main stage acts, 3 second stage acts, second stage is "on site"):

FOR THE MOST PART it will run like this:
Second Stage
1st Act: 7.10 - 7.30pm
2nd Act: 8.00 - 8.20pm
3rd Act: 9.00 - 9.30pm
Main Stage
1st Act: 7.30 - 8.00pm
2nd Act: 8.20 - 9.00pm
Weezer: 9.30 - 10.45pm
as you can see, on these shows the acts will be staggered so there is no overlap. Now, SOME shows start at 7, so the whole schedule would shift back a bit in those cases.

  • Scenario 2: a few shows (3/4 main stage acts, 3/4 second stage acts, second stage is "on site"):

When there are 4 second stage acts and or 4 main stage acts, it will also be staggered, but there might be 2 second stage acts before the first main stage act. It depends on the specifics. Schedules will be posted at the show.

  • Scenario 3: a few shows (second stage is NOT "on site"):

For Salt Lake, Denver, Minneapolis, and NYC, There are no side stages available. The "side stage" is actually a separate gig in a different local venue. The promotions for these 2nd stage shows up to the club owners themselves, and the shows are independent of the main show. With a ticket or ticket stub to the main show, you can get in for either a small fee (like $5, or in some cases free if you have a college I.D.). These shows are called "After Parties", but for the most part will be starting while the main show is still happening, so people will have to make choices regarding transportation and planning, depending on what they are interested in. Its unfortunate that not all the shows can have everything under one roof, but, for those interested in continuing the nights festivities, they should be able to catch a fun very cheap smaller gig after the lights go down at the ampitheatre. Note that there is the possibility (for example in Minneapolis's 7th St Entry), that the After Party gig is 21+, due to the policy of the venue.