Karl's Corner - 09/01/2001

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9/01/01 wee notes

...Mikey: despite a lot of peoples demands for new info, I'm sorry to say that ive got no concrete news. I have, in fact, heard talk of Mikey feeling better and perhaps returning to L.A. soon...but no one is able to say for sure at this point. I wonder as much as you do about the future of Mikey, Scott, and everything, but at this point, I don't have the solid scoop!

...this story was pretty cool:

"...at the Cal Berkeley football game today, as usual they were
getting slaughtered by Illinois. Halftime came about and I got up to get a
red rope. Suddenly I hear the announcer saying, "blah blah blah WEEZER!" I
froze right there and watched the entire marching band (famous for the
running tubas) start to play "You Gave Your Love To Me Softly". I ran back
to my seat to enjoy it with my friends and they were totally freakin out
too! Needless to say I was totally dumbfounded by the whole thing. I
believed they played "You Gave Your Love To Me Softly", "Pink Triangle", "Hash Pipe", "Buddy Holly",
and "My Name Is Jonas". If I'm wrong I'm sure somebody else got it right. Anyway, the
best part was when they finished in a giant =w=!!! I would have given my
right thumb for a tape recorder and a camera. Needles to say the Bears lost
to the Fighting Illini." --Andrew

"..They marched around on the field in random
formations, but the last formation they did was a big =w= across the
field. It was pretty rockin'. At that point, many weezer fans in the
stadium held up the hand =w=. The Cal Band also played the songs at a
pep rally yesterday on Upper Sproul " --Larry Kao

...Today weezer hit #1 on the requested artist for touring dates chart at pollstar.com. Thats a lot of requests for info!

...in the "extremely weird" category: High Times's website is hosting a poll for 'pot song of the year' and
theyve included "Hash Pipe" as a choice. While it really makes no sense, and the band has insisted that its not a drug song on numerous occasions, I guess High Times just liked the title. If you'd like to vote, (if you happen to feel that way about the song), the link is here.