Karl's Corner - 09/20/2001

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9/20/01 St Paul ROCK

...lots of folks are reporting seeing the new "Island" video by Spike, on both Mtv, Mtv2 and Vh1! We even saw it after the show on Mtv2 on the bus! very cool! (vote for it here, if so inclined)

...I'm still waiting for word on the refund/rescheduling stuff for the SJ and SD shows. I DO know that there is a definate effort to get these shows rescheduled- this is not "BS"! It looks like they will most likely happen after the European Tour, maybe in December. As soon as we know, you'll know. As I said before (9/19), if you cannot wait for or attend a rescheduled show, there should be some refund options soon.

...and No, I don't have more news on the Mikey situation. As soon as I know more about this, you will know. Based (only) on some emails I've gotten from some fans, it appears he is not in a hospital, and is well enough to go out and be spotted by those fans. However, I have NO official word on ANYTHING in this department yet.

...St. Paul! The Roy Wilkins Auditorium was utterly sold out, packed to the GILLS with extremely loud and amped up fans, and the show was another doozy in my opinion! Tonight saw a suprise from the past, as the summer 2000 song "Dope Nose" was dusted off for the Minneapolis fans. Dope Nose?!?! Yep, Dope Nose! Earlier, during soundcheck, the guys ran through an interesting combo of the "brand new" songs like "The Dawn", as well as dusty 2000 tracks like "Modern Dukes"....interesting stuff.


...november = goat punishment

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