Karl's Corner - 09/22/2001

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9/22/01: Detroit Rock City: the tradition continues

...pre-show, Pat and I did some important calisthenics, namely cruising down the long indoor pedestrian ramps that worm throughout Cobo Hall on skateboards, and bringing along the videocamera to document the craziness. Pat's "luge-style" won the day. After the 'Island: behind the scenes' Clip #3 is up, the "Cobo Challenge" skate video is next!

"While my dreams didn't come true of a Weezer & fans hacky sack tournament (which it is probably better that way since I royally suck), the Detroit show completely kicked ass!!! Even a couple of my friends who :::I dragged along agreed that the show was amazing, and couldn't stop expressing to me how amazing they thought it was. The floor was...rather painful though. After the first song, I was already completely :::squashed and couldn't move, and had to tip my head backwards just to gasp for air. It's pretty sad when your chant for an encore is something like this, "Weezer, Weezer, Wee..*hack, cough, gasp, random :::profanity*..kill me now!!" People were asking to be lifted up to crowd surf just so they could get the hell out. Sure, it's stupid, and I don't know if some people truly realize how stupid it is, but what :::exactly can you do to stop it? You can't narrow it down to one person. Anyway, after the end of the show and encore, along with a "KISS Farewell Tour" type of bow and exit the stage, I clumsily made my way to :::the back of the arena, drenched in my own (and probably many other's) sweat, where I noticed Karl in the sound booth, so I walked over, shook his hand, and for lack of energy or anything better to say, said, :::"No hacky sack today, ey?" (EY??? I don't know why it was "ey.") He just kinda chuckled I guess, and I don't know if he really even realized what I was talking about, but oh well. So I went & bought a jacket, :::and headed home. Very fittingly, seems it's illegal to drive with one headlight and a tail light out, not to mention turning on to a one way street going the wrong direction (ouch), so we all got pulled over on :::a late night Taco Bell run. Luckily, the guy was cool and let us off. All in all, the Detroit show was completely awesome along with the whole day & night. Even got to meet a pretty cool girl that was walking :::around asking people if they were in a band, and writing them down to come and perform in Detroit for some show. Gave her a ticket for free since I had an extra. Hope it got good use. SWEETNESS WEEZER, :::SWEETNESS AND COMPLETE MUSICAL BLISS!!! Thanks for an awesome show, and come back SOON!!!"-Justin