Karl's Corner - 09/23/2001

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9/23/01 Sunday, a new day (off)

...today = day off in Toronto. jes' chillin'...

...For those who have been demanding some info on the Mikey situation, I have this, and I'm sorry if its not what you wanted to hear, but it's quite literally "all I got":

Whats going on between Mikey and Weezer is a private matter, (as it has been since day 1) and there will be no further announcements, news or speculation in this space unless and until everyone involved is ready to make any statements on the matter. I'm sorry it has to be this way, and I know how concerned some of the fans have gotten over this, but at this point you can at the very least rest assured that Mikey is safe. When there is more news on this, it will be here. In the meantime, the band will continue to rock out with Scott on bass, and the success of the recent shows has shown that he can weild the bass with the best of them.