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9/08/01 refrigerated donuts; radio reports #20

...Weezerfest NYC: fans' reports...

"weezerfest new york city was so much fun!! i
met so many great people and also people that i already know. the two cover
bands that showed up were great. the weekest link weezer version game was
really cool. there was this dude playing the acoustic guitar downstairs and
he was really great. the live footage that was being shown was good though
the sound quality wasn't the best.my weezer henna tattoos weren't a hit ,but
theres always next year(hopefully). there were awesome clips of matt rocking
out.major props to cookie and freta(spelling?) who set it up!!" --melissa

"I just got back from weezerfest in nyc, and it totally rawked! we had so much
fun there. The cover bands were awsome, and we played weezer weakest link!
that was so cool. the insults were hilarious too. "who's answera are as
pathetic as pinkerton's sales" that one is evil, but funny in a way. the
weezer look-a-like contest was very cool too. we had one guy that looked just
like you! i was scott shriner. i said all sorts of things i shouldn't have
said, but, yeah. one kid looked just like rivers. when i first saw him, i
freaked out. he won. well if it weren't for weezer we couldn't have done
that, and made so many new friends oh yeah! the door pirzes rocked! i won a
tribute cd. RAD" -Daniella Prince, the short 11 year old

...looking for the Blue Album on Vinyl? There's a copy of this highly sought after weezer collectible up on ebay right now. It was looking pretty grim for bargain hunters when I last checked, but if interested, check it out...

...and heres some more spots to find the (reasonably priced, still in print) Green Album on wax, plus hard to find imports and such...

1)Hot Topic store in Tucson, AZ: Hash Pipe 7"
2)sam goody store in tucson, az: Holland-imported hash pipe single cd
3) Music Machine (11459 Cronhill Dr.,Ste. O, Owings Mills, MD.): stocking the GREEN VINYL "Weezer" LP +the "Hash Pipe" Single on both vinyl & CD Maxi.
4)Tower Records in Rockville, MD: Europe import of "Hash Pipe" cd single (w/ I Do, Starlight, Jimmy Pop)
5)cd alley in chapel hill, nc: green album vinyl
6)Media Play in Florence Ky: Hash Pipe cd single from Holland, for $11.99.
7)online at www.interpunk.com: Hash pipe limited edition vinyl can be bought for 6 bucks US
8)Sacramento, CA, Sam Goody in the Downtown Plaza: Hash Pipe import cd for $12.99.
9)Boise, ID, The Record Exchange: Japanese import of "The Good Life," Sweden (or Europe) of "El Scorcho," and
another foreign single of "Hash Pipe" with a Jimmy Pop remix of "Hash Pipe"

...Green Album Radio/Video Reports part 20: 8/27+...what YOUR requests are doing...if you aint hearing it on the radio, give em a call to request weezer songs! Right now, its all about "Island In The Sun!" ....These are little stories from YOU, of what you've been seeing and hearing in the world of the airwaves and video. (Note that the next installment of general fan's stories (not just these radio and video reports) is due shortly over in the 'weezer fans' section.)

...this is the chick from Jersey who regularly stays up until ungodly hours
just to hear Weezer on K-Rock. They played Island in the Sun at about 1:40 AM
on August 28th, (as I write this e-mail, it was about ten minutes ago) but
not before the DJ had a chance to make disrespectful comments about Weezer.
He had been doing a crossword puzzle so he was rambling about one of the
clues or something, and he started playing Island, and he said something
like, "No, I'm not talking about Weezer, even though I don't like them."
There's no law that requires everyone to like Weezer, but he should have kept
his mouth shut! I hope some fans call in to tell him that he's not the only
one with an opinion.

...92.1 kfma in Tucson, AZ has played as the new new weezer premier! simple
pages and weezer songs are played a lot throughout the day... it's pretty

...my friend and i were just sitting there flipping from station to station and
then we stopped at q101 (chicago) and its not a good station but they were
playing a good song...unfortunately we came near the end so we decided to
just change the station. when i reached over to change it they started
playing "say it aint so"....boy were we shocked! i mean, not only is it
weezer (which is NEVER played on chicago stations) but its OLD SCHOOL weezer!

...i was listening to 94.1's out of order countdown, and 'Ted the
Fish'(countdown host) starts dissin Patrick, i was so mad! Teds like 'oh
people in my home town hate me, but im so cool cuz i was on
Letterman'(mocking Pat), then he's like, god i just wanna punch him. but on
the plus side the weez came in number 8(outa 20) with Island! so that was a
plus. i hate how some people hate the weez cuz they came back with some
rockin songs, don't get me wrong they were rockin before. but still they
need to grow up!(note:not the weez!)

...id been on vacation in hawaii for about 3 days, and finally found a
station similar of sorts to my very own, local crap station, the bear.
driving around to a beach to learn to surf one day, i was pleasantly
surprised to hear the beginning of island in the sun. i thought it was quite
fitting, plus, its a great song! i never have the chance to hear it while im
at home, you see, because the hicktown BEAR only plays crap. so if anyone
lives, or is visiting honululu in the near future, check out 97.5 KPOI
because they can rock your arses off!!

...KLZR "105.9 The Lazer" added "Island" This week. The scary thing is The Lazer
is a Top 40 station. So Weezer is being played right next to N'Suck.

...i just heard a remix of hash pipe on
90.5 wber in rochester,ny. i guess it was remixed by jimmy pop of the blood
hound gang. it sounds pretty weird.

...in Seattle i've requested "the good life" every night for the past two
weeks at 12am. the guys at 107.7 the end say they'll play it but it never
happens, i know rivers would like to forget about pinkerton but i cant.

...Out here in Grand Rapids Michigan, 97.9 WGRD is playing Hash Pipe some.
Not all as much as i want them too...Stupid people at the station wont
pick up the phone when i call in to request any Weezer. But
anyways...Every time the djs are gonna play Hash Pipe next they always
have to say something about Weezer and yes, very unkind things about
Mikey. Gosh where is the Weezer love?! So anyways, Weezer is getting SOME
air time, but my honest opinion about our dumb djs are that they dont
like Weezer at all but Hash Pipe's song title...and ive never heard them
play anyother Weezer besides that.

...mark this day down in history... hot 106.7 in springfield, mo played island
in the sun... this station is known for refusing to play anything but
electronical crap and 100% pop rock songs... but for once they played
something good... it was so weird... im kinda scared.

...I saw the Island and the Sun Video on MtV last night at 2am. That's the only time I have ever seen it. I thought you guy's would like to know how mtv is treating you... thanks...

...I called up 105.9 Lava Rock and I asked Scott Kalapa'a (who kicks ass) can u
play weezer. He asked what song do u want to hear. I thought he was
wondering Hash Pipe or Island in The Sun. I said Island. He said " Would you
mind if I play Buddy Holly? I said Hell no. He said "Cuz i really wanna play
buddy holly. I said thanks. And he said Buddy Holly Will be on song after
this, and Ill try to get island on in 2 hours. So he plays Buddy Holly and i
was stoked. Then an hour and a half later im still listining to the same
station and Island in The Sun comes on. Maybe their really is a cool DJ who
likes weezer.

...Down here at UNC-Charlotte we get a cable channel
called the College Television Network. They show
videos about half of the day and I've seen the first
Island video on it several times. Also they play
bumper music before and after their news breaks and
I've heard Crab and Knock-Down Drag-out on that. The
radio down here pretty much sucks, but I have heard
Hash Pipe a few times when I've been forced to listen
to the radio.

...NYC: I just heard Hash Pipe with out the editing and then right after that they
played Say It Aint So on 92.3 k-rock....It made my day.

...hey man. on krock in NYC this week, hash pipe was #9 on their playlist and
island in the sun was #31. ohh yeah also, my sister told me that hash pipe
was #25 on some TRL summer countdown. ohhh man. i cant tell if thats good or
bad lol. ok well ill let you go now. you're the man karl!

... O'ahu, Hawai'i is definitely the "Island in the Sun." Every morning when I get up at 5:30, my clock radio, which is either set to 97.5 KPOI or 105.9 Lava Rock, always comes on to "Island." Freaky or what? :::Plus, a majority of my high school's yearbook/newswriting staff are, to some degree, Weezer fans. I'm even writing a review for the Green Album for the school newspaper (don't worry, it's a good one!)

...96.5 Kansas City: Yeah, the single was released in mid-July, but us hicks out here in
Kansas City have finally caught onto it.
Heard it twice today. Just to let ya know that Weezer is even being
played out here.

...Weezer is FINALLY on the most popular radio station in northeastern PA. I was driving down the mall, and Island in the Sun came on. I rocked it out. Then when I was driving home from school, Weezer was on :::again! It rocked! And this radio station plays mostly pop music!

...Sacramento's KWOD 106.5 had this event called "The Dave in the Cave," where this dj had to live in a habitat at the local zoo for as long as it took for the radio station to raise $20, 000 for the :::revamping of the zoo. So all of this stuff was up for auction. And guess what? One of the items up for bid was a guitar signed by the members of Weezer! Someone bought it for six or seven hundred dollars. =w= :::is brightening the lives of humans and animals alike!

...my local radio station in Boise, ID. KQXR 100.3 the X,
plays Weezer's following: Buddy Holly, Hash Pipe, and Island in the Sun. It's
good to know that other people can hear about them

...For the past few days 99.1 WHFS has been playing blocks of Weezer that
include Hash Pipe, Say it Ain't So, and Island in the Sun. Late last night
they played Say it Ain't So "because of the massive amount of requests"
according to the dj. Pretty keen, no?

...I dont know if you are aware of this but they showed the weezer video Island in the Sun (the one with Mikey) on Brand:New over here in the UK on Mtv and also said next month weezer will be on the program :::Brand:new

...I just wanted to let you all know that "Island in the Sun" is the first weezer song ever played in our Taco Bell dining room. I've complained for years that we don't get any good music played out there :::(good meaning not Brittney, Christina, and God help us all: 'N sync, "dirty pop" ughh!!) Years of pain and suffering eased even if only for a few minutes by the power of weezer

...The 'Island In The Sun' video is up for selection on MTV Select UK.

...Just wanted to tell you that during Labor Day weekend they played
the top 300 songs that people voted for as the best rock songs of the 90's.
I'm glad to tell you that from those 300 songs Weezer had three songs all
ranking quite well!
#66-Undone(the sweater song)
#39-Buddy Holly
#20-Say it Ain't So

...just wanted to let you know that "island in the sun" was just played on HR3
here in Germany! YES!!!!

...Yesterday I was practicing driving, and my dad ran inside to get
something, and so I had to turn the car around. I turned on the radio, even
though I still hadn't found a station here (southern indiana) that I liked.
Someone had told me to try 105.1, so I did, and they were playing something
that I knew- SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!! I was SOOOO excited, and then I turned the
car around succesfully- and that was the highlight of my labor day weekend.

...Seattle's 107.7 the end's 10th anniversary block party weekend was having a
bunch of fans call and vote for various things. Weezer was voted the 5th
"end" band of all time. and then Undone won the 2nd best "end" song of all
time. They should have gotten first but of course Nirvana's Smells like Teen
Spirit won Seattle's vote.

...my friend and i were just sitting there flipping from station to station and
then we stopped at q101 (chicago) and its not a good station but they were
playing a good song...unfortunately we came near the end so we decided to
just change the station. when i reached over to change it they started
playing "say it aint so"....boy were we shocked! i mean, not only is it
weezer (which is NEVER played on chicago stations) but its OLD SCHOOL weezer!

...Star 101.9 finally put island in the sun in rotation. and when i say
rotation im talking every 2 hours. 3 Weeks ago i would call up and say can
you play island in the sun? They'd be like "by who"? Now when I call up they
say hell yeah i love that song. Well that proves that they are not real =W=
fans (like Conan Obrien who doesn't know how to do the weezer sign) but at
least they play it.

...At 97.5 Kpoi's website www.975kpoi.com under most played they have Hash Pipe
at #3, and Island In The Sun at 24. Well that is strange, but at least they
are on top of the charts. =W=

...all the djs on WBCN 104.1 in Boston (YEA, BOSTON!) got the Labor Day Weekend
off so all the listeners got to fill their shoes. there's a toll free number
to call into and you get recorded and somehow 'someone' will edit/play your
recording, play your song, blah blah blah. it's dopeness. right, so I called
in and did the whole nine and they played me (woo!) and it went like this:
(some godsmack song fading away)...Hi, this is JANE from BOSTON...can we
please take a break from this angry youth music?...(Island in the Sun
begins!) HO EFFING YEA! I got to "introduce" my favorite band and that's just

...I was watching a TRL repeat today because I wanted to see that wanna be
premire you were talking about and they had a panel of three people - a guy
from rolling stone, a VJ named hillary and one of the girls from the MTV news
team - giving their predictions for who will win each catagory at the VMA's.
Hillary immediatly went with Weezer for a win, and so did the guy from
rolling stone. The MVT news girl thought it would be a toss up between them
and Limp Bizkit. Notable quotes were -
"Gimmie some sumo! Gimmie some cute guys in sweaters!" - Hillary
"We love big, large Asian men." - MVT news girl

...Yesterday morning I was listening to Seattle's the end (107.7) and they were
having their 10th anniversary block party weekend. They had fans call in and
vote for their favorite "end artist." Out of the top 50 artists that were
voted on, Weezer was number 5. For their block of songs they played hash
pipe, undone, and one other one. ( Unfortunately I missed the first song.)

...The Bay area rock alternative station 104.9 FM is running a competition next week to become a 'hash head' (?!) ... the winner gets to follow weezer around for three tour dates, san jose, san diego and :::vegas (which I assume means paid travel.. backstage passes?) The competition is launched this tuesday (september 4th) ... I don't know what you have do to win, I only heard the advertisement in the car :::sometime last week - so if you have a listen out on tuesday you might have a chance at winning that very cool prize.

...i was at my grandpas cabin in Farmersville NY(i think the name pretty much
speaks for itself) and theirs only 1 clear station, its like a mix of
everything from barry mannilow to sum41. and i was sitting listening and
Hash Pipe came on! they actually let the weez say Hash! I also think that
the small town folks didn't know what Hash actually was(har har har)

...i'm writing to tell you about this channel one thing taht alot
of schools around the nation have inside the classrooms. Every morning we
have to watch this [stupid] show that tries to talk about the new so kids can
understand. Well any way it is really [stupid] but sometimes they play =w=
when their going to commercial. That just brightens my day. In the past
they have played my name is jonas , ans last year they played insland in the
sun and y.g.y.l.t.m.s. But this year they played simple pages. But it's [stupid]
cuz they never play all of it just like 10 sec. worth.. Ok anyways they
have this thing called all request thursday where students go one thier
website during the week and vote. And on thursday they play a song. Well i
think u should post this on karl's korner telling them to vote for =w=
channel one.com

...My high school has this news show that comes on the
last fifteen minutes of the day called Channel One
(aka Nap Time). I was just starting to doze off when
the host kids were talking about the first ever
"Request Thursday" or something of that nature. I
think that means you can go to channelone.com and
request the songs they play in the background of news
clips. I was hopeful until I heard N'Sync ...Grrrr!!
All of a sudden, there was this little voice "Gimme
some love, gimme some love" and they played about 15
seconds of Simple Pages!! When I started freaking
out, I think my Geometry class thought I was crazy!!

...Hey Karl, the weez was played on the nationally broadcast school tv program,
Channel One last wednesday. The played a piece of Simple Pages as they were
going to commercial. I yelled "its the weez!" real loud in class. I got

...on this show we watch at school called "channel 1 news" they've
played weezer songs three times this year.......simple pages twice and
island in the sun once, it was great.....i would start singing along and
everyone would look at me strange and i would just say "its a weezer song".
but just letting ya know that people are still playing sooome tasteful music

...I'm a Buffalo guy, and a huge fan of Weezer, and yes, WEDG was playing the
heck out of it for a while there, they still are playing it, and I believe
I've heard them play "Island In The Sun." I can say for certain that 92.9
WBUF in Buffalo is playing "Island," and it just sounds great being played
on radio, hearing those chords cheer you right up! :-)

...The local radio station 101.7 'The Fox' has been (so I've heard) playing Island and Hash Pipe at regular intervals. However, they play so much other horrible music that I can't sit through a day of it for :::my dose of Weez, when I can put a CD in my player instead. . but it's nice to know that N. Cali is getting in the groove of things (Yay Cal Berkeley!)

...I heard "Island
in the Sun" play for the very first time on San
Francisco's radio station, KFOG (104.5). I couldn't
believe it at first, and actually thought that I must
have pressed the button for 104.9, which is an
alternative/modern rock station. But sure enough,
KFOG was indeed playing it. It shocked me because
KFOG's playlist is normally comprised of bands like
Blues Traveler, Van Morrison, Phish, Eric Clapton,
etc. I wonder if the new video by Spike Jonze and the
sound or popularity of the new album finally helped
Weezer break into KFOG's arsenal of music?
Incidentally, they featured "Island" on their new
releases Thursday programming.

...a new cd is spinning in the gap. and
like last month, when weezer graced the gap store with its presence via the
summer hit "island in the sun", this time, it is "photograph." gap employees
(especially myself), are enjoying the new trend of having quality music
blasting in our store, during september, one can also hear travis and the
clash while working. its a good thing.

...Hi, I live in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, (100 miles east of San
Diego, CA)... I really get happy when I hear the song in my local radio station, 98.3 Modern Rock
FM (Mexicali). The station is now playing Hash Pipe even when the new
generations don't kwow well the Blue Album or Pinkerton songs. (The station
usually plays Buddy Holly and Undone... on weekends. )

...I usually like to listen to the Point 105.7(St Louis) because they play tons of
weezer. But, since it was my mom's car, we had to listen to what she wanted
to listen to. So we were listening to 101.1 the River, and all of a sudden
the DJ goes, "And now here's weezer with Island in the Sun." I about peed my
pants. They NEVER play weezer on that station. NEVER. And so, I turned up the
volume extremely loud, and begged my mom to roll down the windows, which we
did not because it was like 90 degrees outside. And when the song was over
the DJ came back on and he was like, "Love that song!" And then my mom said
it sounded like some people she used to listen to *back in the day* but I
can't remember who she said it was. And that's my story.

...I dunno if you care, but the edge in phoenix (the radio station that
screwed Weezer) got sold out to some spanish stations.... (those who
mess with weezer die?)

...I work at a United Artist Theatre in Pa. Im not sure if all
theatres have them, but ours has like a big screen tv when you enter the
building, and they play movie previews on it all day on a reel. Sometimes
they throw videos in too. Well I was surprised to find the other day when we
got a new reel that they include the original Island in The Sun video! I get
to watch it about 15 times a day. I never get sick of it either. Bitchin', eh?

...Good weezer news from here in CHICAGO
1. 103.5 KISS FM Played IITS the other day...I caught the tail end of it when
my friend called me to listen to it. Reason why this is sooo cool is because
KISS is like an all NSYNC/limp bizket/britney spears/janet
jackson....basically crap etc station....it sucks but it obviously getting
better if they are playing weezer.
2. After playing hash pipe and then following it up with IITS on Q101 the dj
started ranting about how Weezer sould've won at the VMAs and how limp bizket
or none of the other groups had nothing on weezer and how they are like the
only "real" rock band in that grouping...have to say I agree.
3. Also There was ANOTHER contest to win more weezer tickets on the
radio...didn't win though.

...I caught my first glimpse of the new video...AT 2:24 IN THE MORNING! it was
on insomniac music theatre. Hope fully they'll work it into rotation at a
more sensible time. Thought I'd let you know