Karl's Corner - 09/29/2001

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9/29/01 New York, New York, The Greatest City In the World!

...This was the last show in the 2001 season for the Jones Beach Ampitheatre, and it looks like they closed it up just in time. It was very windy and chilly, and the waters of the Atlantic were literally overflowing the retaining wall and seeping under the feet of those in the orchestra section! The fans were fighting for their chance to rock out, and were often seen huddling down to keep warm. Mother Nature was not exactly cooperating to make this the end of summer outdoor bash that was intended. But the crowd did roar in approval, and the smoke sent up during Hash Pipe and Only in Dreams swirled up in wild streaks like a mini tornado, which lent an extra crazy vibe to both songs...

oh yeah! I nearly forgot- tonight saw the very first public performance of a brand new song called "Your Room"! Rivers prefaced it by warning that it was "pretty metal", but people seemed to enjoy its extra rock-out style. Riff-o-matic!

...Now the Midget Tour is over, but it looks like the guys are working on continuing the tour later in the fall! All details are still in the pipeline, and you'll see it on weezer.com first!

...in other news, we have learned that the Letterman show ended up choosing to have Joe Strummer play later this week instead of weezer. We're all bummed, but we hope to get another chance to get on the show later this year!