Karl's Corner - 09/10/2001

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9/10/01 do you know the way to San Jose?

...today we flew up to San Jose on mellow, earthtoned Southwest Airlines. First we had to wait in mellow Burbank airport. Later we ate a mellow dinner.

Tommorrow, let there be rock!

...a lot of folks have been asking about an LA area show on this tour. I've done some checking and discovered that it doesn't look like theres going to be an LA show anytime soon, not on this tour nor afterwards. Theres only one thing I can say at this point, and that's "Viva Las Vegas!" Perhaps its time to make that wacky road trip to Vegas to catch the weez in the land of the high rollers! As an added bonus, you could catch Rick Springfield's new Vegas act, climb the Luxor pyramid and get arrested, or even gamble away all your savings!...Well, its just a suggestion, as it looks like there wont be any LA weez performances for quite a while.

...does anyone watch That Carson Guy's show on MTV? From what I hear they are stuck on really tired videos, like the Pointer Sisters' "Neutron Dance" and Huey Lewis and the News' "Stuck With You". Well I say its about time they got some quality monkeys and bears and stuff in there. The world needs to know about Spike's "Island" video. If you can stand it, click on over to the voting land and give those poor animals a chance to shine!

...heres the "final (i.e. utterly comprehensive) report" on the NYC Weezerfest!

"The following is our detailed (make that very detailed) wrap-up of yesterday's
weezerfest...We just want to mention we had an amazing range of ages (from 11
years old on up to Mom). People traveled for hours, from as far south as
Rutgers (Cynth) to as far North and East as Amherst (Rachel).

12:00: Cookie, Frieda, and soundman Matt MacHaffie hear Hash Pipe on K-Rock as
they gather supplies about town. They take this as an omen that all is to go
well throughout the day.
1:00: Nora Bell knocks on the door of 113 Ludlow and eagerly asks, "Is this
2:00: Cookie pokes her head out the door and says "We're still sound
checking, you guys ok for another few minutes?" The crowd nods and issues a
resounding "No problem" (except the gentle soul who meekly said "Is it ok if I
just come in to use the bathroom?" Since she'd been waiting close to an hour, we
let her in.
2:15: Doors open. Weezerfest New York 2001 begins. And More is onstage,
waiting for the crowd to filter in.
2:35: And More starts rocking Weezerfest New York. Setlist includes Hash Pipe,
Undone, In the Garage, and My Name is Jonas.
2:55: And More breaks up in front of a crowd of 100 people. The band that
started as And More leaves the stage as No More.
3:15: Megatone Bomb takes the stage. John (soon to be known as Rivers #3)
gets the crowd psyched with the first of 25 prizes. They launch into a full
set that includes covers of El Scorcho and Suzanne. Their rendition of No One
Else features a special guest appearance by Elena, our favorite zinster,
proudly sporting a T-shirt saying "I will Laugh for No One Else." The crowd
goes wild.
3:30: John says "If you don't know this song, then you shouldn't be here." The
first chords of Buddy Holly fill the room. Frieda tears herself away from the
door to get her first glimpse of the beauty that is Weezerfest New York. She
peers out the standing room only crowd singing joyfully in unison.
3:50: Megatone Bomb finishes their set. The stage area fills up with people
(mostly of the feminine persuasion) scrambling to get on their mailing list.
3:55: Cookie politely requests that they move the list to the bar area so we
can prepare for further merriment.
4:00: Last call goes out for Weezer Weakest Link participants.
4:05: Cookie and Frieda hit the stage together for the first time (no one will
ever forget that "More prizes equals less losers"). Annoucements are made
regarding Upoc.com, Elana's zines, and Melissa's henna tattoos. Thank yous
are bestowed upon Beth the goddess of Weezerfest, Matt MacHaffie
soundman/miracle worker, and Meghan Majors for her donation of framed Rivers
pictures (because, as we ALL now know, more prizes equals less losers!).
4:10: More Prizes!!! The first of our autographed Nada Surf CDs goes to the
mother of Ali and Mary Ellen Bromberg.
4:15: Weezer Weakest Link contestants are drawn. Contestants include Tom Kelly
of And (No) More fame, Seattles own/Weezerfest volunteer Jerry "My name's not
Michael" Chaing, hesitant contestant and prize donator Rita Calvo, our
favorite That Dog fan Michael (shoulda been Rivers #4), and former Weezer
advocate Rolling Stone insider Noah Tarnow. Game highlights include Rita's
Mikey-esque near disappearance after question #1 and insults that garner
reactions ranging from groans (Who is as big a disappointment as Pinkerton's
Sales) and applause (Who has "I love Scott Stapp" embroidered on their
pillowcase). Rita rallies from her initial stumble to correctly answer such
stumpers as "What band did Suzanne put on hold" (Guns 'n Roses) and "What kind
of company is Pinkerton, Inc" (Security). She emerges the victor, taking home
a framed Rivers photograph and an autographed Nada Surf CD.
4:40: The shout for Look-A-Like contestants is made. Represented are Brian
Bell, Rivers (1, 2, &3), Karl Koch, Scott Shriner, and the now infamous
'Weezettes'. The official Kodak moment of Weezerfest New York occurs when the
lone male Weezette whips off his shirt to proudly display the stuffed bra
generously loaned to him by Weezette #3. After a semi-finals round, Rivers #2
is the winner.
5:00: Half Japanese Girls is a no-show. This becomes an especially busy time
for the downstairs activities. Three acoustic guitars and many fans makes a
phenomenal Weezer sing-along. Melissa and Juliette brand the crowd with Weezer
henna tattoos. Fans flock to the Wall O Weezer to let their voices be heard
(or read, as the case may be). Let's not forget the back room video lounge.
Technical difficulties aside, the live footage including Matt Sharp is a hit.
5:45: Cookie and Frieda take the stage together for the last time. The story
of New York's Weezerfest is told, many thanks are given, and a very emotional
moment of silence is observed in honor of Mykel and Carli. The last of the
prizes are (painstakingly slowly) given away.
6:00: Weezerfans prove they are the nicest and most respectful fans in all of
Rock 'n Roll. Warm loving goodbyes are given as everyone promptly makes their
6:30: Volunteer finish the last of the sweeping and clean up, leaving the
venue in better shape than when we got there. Cookie & Frieda are warmly
invited by the club to bring the whole party back again anytime.
7:15: As Cookie, Frieda, and Matt make their final equipment deliver, Island
in the Sun comes in over the car radio. They all agree that their 12:00 open
came to fruition. It was a good day.
We love you all (even writing this is getting us all weepy). We're already
amassing ideas for your next party.
Speak soon, Weezer Love, Rock on!

Cookie & Frieda
Thank you: Nada Surf, Ozma, Rachel Haden, Rick (tour manager with Jimmy Eat
World), Frosty (of JimmyEatWorld.net), Matthew Caws, the fine folks at the
Bowery Ballroom, Tina at Upoc.com, Matt MacHaffie, Chris at Surfwax Canada,
Gilbert Springfield Haim, And More, Megatone Bomb, JP Douherty of Morris Air,
Barry of And More, Josh Messer, Carolina, Rachel Mott, Elana Epstein, Meghan
Majors, Rita Calvo, Yoni, all of the Weezerific Volunteers, Jo and Doc of 113
Ludlow, Diana Barry, Beth and Jen at Weezerfest, (obviously) Weezer, everyone
who came to remember Mykel & Carli, and to Mykel & Carli themselves, for
starting everything."