Karl's Corner - 09/06/2001

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9/06/01 "The Final Countdown"

...Well, Weezer's "Hash Pipe" lost to Limp Bizkit's "Rollin'" for "Best Rock Video" at Mtv's VMA's tonight. It's hard to defeat the Bizkit! As one viewer noted:

"during the vma's they played "simple pages". it was
after linkin park, as they went to commercial. it was
the highlight of the entire show." --Dane, Seattle

apparently they also used a bit from "Glorious Day" somewhere too. another viewer had a different take:

"so, weezer didn't take home a moonman...sucks...but the guy from limp bizkit
sang an iron maiden song which was pretty cool...kind of made up for the
loss but not really. weezer rules." --Helen, Toronto

well, you win some, you lose some!

...I am flying in to L.A. tomorrow (Friday) to rejoin the guys for the upcoming adventures both here in America and overseas. The guys have been working non-stop, getting ready- so without further ado...

...Sheeny Bang reporting from LA:

"Los Angeles- Weezer tour rehearsals...

It was a busy day, lots of things getting done and sorted out for the upcoming tour. Not many days left before we shoot off and in the evenings the boys are still rehearsing in preparation. The rehearsal tonight showed the guys are definitely ready and if the songs they're rehearsing are anything to go by, Weezer fans won't be disappointed. Plenty of great songs for both the new and the old and now I can't wait to see the shows! This is a new experience for everyone, headlining a major tour like this and there is a lot of anticipation and excitement, but there is no doubt that Weezer will rock everyone's socks off."