Karl's Corner - 09/26/2001

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9/26/01 now Philly, that's a real rock n' roll town

..in the hiz-ouse tonight:

Jimmy Pop (Bloodhound Gang)

Planet Janet

...and a raging army of weezites!

...listening online at y100.com was another army as well! heres a nice play by play from a fan...

" Since I'm not going to the show in VA, I've resorted to listening to the webcast of it in
Philly-- I'm gonna hear the boys live one way or another!!
So far, at 8:55, at my pretend weezer concert, excitement's running high.
weezer is going to be taking the stage in a mere 5 minutes, the crowd of one
is rocking out to some Ben Folds Five that Y100's playing.
9:08- Ok, so my computer clock is slow. Darn 56k connections! The DJ just
announced that Mikey was in a psych hospital and that Cold quit yesterday.
Just a little out-dated. I think I'll get a coke and pretend to pay 6.50 for
it, just like at a real concert...
9:23- WEEZER'S ON STAGE!! THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!! The arena darkens, the
opening chords arrest the heart, the careful timing of the drums pulses
through your veins... On the less poetic note, the AOL Weezer chat room is
filling up with folks being informed of the webcast by me- my audience is
9:33- "... in the garage i feel safe" Bliss. Complete bliss. "My stupid
moniters weren't working and i forgot to put my glasses on... But
everything's back to normal now. Alright. I'm good to go."
-Rivers (Aw, yeah!)
9:37- "Ok, here's another song." Nice and articulate, hehe...
940- "Dude, thanks a lot, yeah, whatever, this song is called Photograph--
Wait, I missed one, this is a new song." Heeeyyy, I like this new stuff.
Take back the love you gave me.... I'm diggin it. "_Now_ we'll play
9:47- "Alright, starting to feel pretty good.. For those of you who
care..." "Alright." I'm Tired of Sex! Rock out!
I love you weezer! Me and my virtual audience start crowd surfing the best
we can by ourselves-- ouch, I think I just got a bruise. Crap. "Moving
along now.." Jonas takes over.
9:53- "This is a new song, Do You Want Me To Stay"
"I dont believe that you need me" good lyrics, it's catchy. The crowd's
enjoying it, definitely. The security guards are having a little more
difficulty containing the mosh pits erupting. "Oh yeah, thank you.
Whatever. This is a song called Smile."
9:59- "Now we're going to try a song call Dope Nose" ... "Aw, yeah that's new
jam, fresh jam.. here's an old jam..." Sweater Song, of course,
it's a classic. Everyone's waving their sweaters around, as camera's are
capturing as many perfect moments as possible.
10:07- Is Don't Let Go a key higher or is the harmony just coming out
more... It's a little different... Rivers' part is kinda weirdish... "Yeah.
Please people, don't let go." Ah-- Say It Aint So-- we're singing along,
screaming louder than ever!
10:14- "Totally in the mood for a drum solo now.. Alright, I
guess I'm alone on that one.." Ha, ok, that made sense, no. "Yeah, thanks a
10:18- Hash pipe. Holy crap. Rivers' falsetto rocks. That's way up in my
range... Impressive! Anyone have their glasses break over that one?
10:22- Oh, it's time for Only In Dreams-- a hush comes over the crowd...
what a beautiful song. Hey, stage diving!
10:30- weezer exits, the crowd wants more! MORE! MORE! MORE! Hey, where's
my lighter?
10:33- Buddy Holly rocks it out-- did Rivers' voice crack a little in the
beginning there? Aww.. that's cute! Ha, yeah. "Thanks a
lot you guys have been bitchin'.. here's the last song... it goes something
like this.."
10:36- Surf Wax America! YEAH WEEZER! (Man, there's that rockin' falsetto..
why don't the guys in my acappella group have that sound?)
So, the crowd slowly disbands, sweaty, tired, but satisfied.. What a
completely awesome concert.. Thanks a million guys, we all rocked out here in
little ol' Great Bridge listening to the concert-- just spreading the weezer
=w= rocks my socks!"
rock it,
ash street