Karl's Corner - 09/14/2001

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9/14/01 a sad, strange day


...Weirdness in Vegas: we arrived in Las Vegas this morning, unsure if tomorrows show was even happening, but unable to do anything else but just show up and see what happens. Today was the National Day of Mourning, so it was fitting that there was no show to deal with, or desicions to have to make about its status. Today's show in San Diego was called off for us by Cox Arena (who were worried about threats to security), and while the guys really want to carry on with the rock, it feels like it was correct to postpone that show, in rememberance and respect. Meanwhile here in Vegas, we have learned that there is every indication that tomorrow's (9/15) show is happening tomorrow, and that Ozma will indeed be filling in for Cold. We had word that Ozma's Ryen Slegr had sucessfully made his way to Detroit and was expected to arrive in L.A. late today, giving Ozma enough time (we hope) to cruise up to Vegas and rock out.

...At this time I have no info regarding the San Jose and San Diego show reschedulings, but all info will appear here on the website ASAP.

...also, currently all the set tour dates are scheduled to go on as planned. if there are changes, they'll be posted at weezer.com in this corner, rwa news, and the tour page. otherwise everything is "on" as scheduled.

...in all the confusion, I forgot to mention that there were some brand new songs played at the Oakland show. The guys played "So Low", which is the still-tentative title of what was called "Take Back the Love" at the KROQ Inland Invasion Show in August. And "Do You Want Me to Stay" and "We Go Together" were played live for the first time ever! These 3 songs are just a few from a large new crop of tunes that the guys recorded demos of right before the tour started, and which may appear on the next weezer album. Of course, there have been a lot of new songs over the last year that were played live and never heard from again, but the band is very excited about all the new songs tried out in 2001, so I guess anything could happen...

...poll: we've asked this before, but now that the Green Album has been out for a while, the guys would like to know again: "What is your favorite song on The Green Album?" to take the poll and view the results, click here [pop up]

...thank you to those who have written in with birthday greetings, I had actually forgotten it was my birthday tomorrow (9/15). While I certainly don't feel like its time to celebrate, I really appreciate the letters.

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