Karl's Corner - 09/24/2001

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9/24/01 O Canada!

...I'll let the fans tell the story...

"The Start really should have brought the house down. The performance they gave warranted it. They were rock stars through and through. Before their last song the lead singer said "this is the last chance for :::you to dance with us", and I think that more people would have except for the fact that we all had become so tightly wedged against each other it was a struggle to not lose feeling in one or all of your :::appendages from them being locked at weird angles against the person next to you. So it was kinda hard to dance.

Once the Start left the stage, you could feel the audience's excitment rise slowly to a fever pitch. Well slowly only took the short amount of time in which the weezer equipment was set up and then the :::audience went mad. At least that is what it felt like from behind the front line. People seemed desperate for them. They took the stage, the crowd went nuts and the guys started into an unfamiliar intro, I :::actually heard a guy behind me say "what the hell is this"? But it quickly went into "Island in the Sun". I probably could have paid more attention to the set list cause that is probably what you are looking :::for, but I was so distracted by them and the little worlds that they all create on stage.

Brian, languid, and happy, as usual. But he also seemed very watchful, totally engrossed by the sensations that were washing off the crowd to him.

Scott, not quite as tall as I had pictured him, rocked out as if it were a hardcore punk concert, but he was cool cause he was still rockin out.

Pat, high up above us all, couldn't really contain his playful side. The best moment of which culminated during one of the few breaks that Rivers had to take due to guitar troubles. An impromptu bass, drum, :::jam sprung up, and albeit short, it was very cool. Pat's playing was immaculate.

Rivers seemed as I had always imagined, with one foot in this world and the other in some rock star dream. At times he seemed he might get frustrated when a few people started chanting PINKERTON, but it :::turned into a running joke after Pat teased the audience with the opening beats of "El Scorcho". "This next one is called El Scorcho" Rivers said only to turn around and laugh. To those of us who didn't care :::if they played "El Scorcho" or not, just as long as they played, it was damn funny. They left the stage to thunderous applause after treating us to amongst others "Tired of Sex", "Say it ain't so", "Crab", :::and then returned for a killer two song encore. The set was tight, but loose, they all seemed laid back and relaxed, if a bit surprised at the rabidness of the Toronto fans.

For me the highlight of the concert came when the first strains of "Only in dreams" began to drift out over the crowd, before they left the stage for the first time. Being to one side of the stage I had a :::perfect view of them all, midway through the song the fog machine began cranking out clouds that worked their way over us, obscuring the band from view. But then at that moment in the song, that longing :::moment, when Rivers is singing, the clouds lifted to reveal them once more. Rivers at once with the crowd and somewhere else entirely. If the concert was bliss, then that moment was sublime." --Michelle :::Schneider aka Karmicallydamaged

"I just wanted to say that last night in Missauga was my first
Weezer concert. The show totally rocked, from top to bottom. The set they
played was totally amazing and everyone in Arrow Hall completely rocked out.
It ws dirty that Pat and Rivers kept teasing us by playing the begining of
El Scorcho. Rivers was super funny making jokes and passing of new songs by
saying they were off Pinkerton. Even when there were technical problems,
nobody cared as we were into a cool jam by Pat and Scott. Incredible show.
The new songs sound great. Weezer definatly rocks hard. =w= "-Brian

"Last night was sick. So much violence at a weezer show! Last year at the pheonix I had a great time but last night i saw so many people fearing for their personal safety. If somthing isnt done about this :::(ie:smaller venues, non-retarded security) people will start to seriously get hurt. This band is about fun, not concussions and dislocated shoulders. People going to see weezer should be reminded that it is :::not Slipknot. Was it not Bill and Ted who said "Be excellent to each other" ?" -Sunny J

...this show sold out the quickest, despite being held at a considerable distance from downtown Toronto, at a very odd hall. The Canadian fanbase once again proved just how devoted and enthusiastic they are, but paying the price were the approximately 6-7 people who were temporarily sidelined with injuries, plus anyone who couldn't get into the spirit of Rivers's "El Scorcho/no El Scorcho" humor. All in all a raging show, punctuated with some odd moments...

Weezer's Canadian record label website was also on hand, and took some really good photos! to check them out, click here.

...Philadelphia's Modern Rock Station y100 will be broadcasting Wednesday's Philadelphia show live on the air without interruption. There will be a simultaneous webcasting of the show too, at their website: Y-100.