Karl's Corner - 09/25/2001

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9/25/01 Boston Weez Party

UPDATED - =rwa= news here - remember the philly show is being broadcasted tonight on philly in y100 and on the internet via y100's website. it's 9:16 est pm right now and they're saying it should be happening very soon.

...The Tweeter Center is an all seated outdoor "shed" venue, which prevents any crowdsurfing and moshing. But did that stop anyone from having a great time? Apparently not! These folks were stoked! Everyone was standing and dancing, fists pumping, weez symbols flashing...a very cool atmosphere, despite the random heavy rains that soaked the grounds during the day. The one thing that made it a bummer for some attendees was a huge accident on the I-95 that held up traffic for 3 hours. Because of this, some folks missed up to half the weezer set...

"Last night was crazy. At first, I was worried it would be rainy, cold
and plagued with thunderstorms as the weather report said. But none of the
above would rival the mighty =w= !
The Start was pretty good! My friend and I were sorta rocking out to it,
then they came on with their awesome cover of Nirvana's "Breed". It kicked
@$$ and everyone started rocking out in the grundge manner, banging heads
and singing along. That was great! I figured the Nirvana fans backstage
(a.k.a. Rivers) must have been totally pumped by that. I know I was! After
the Start was finished their set, they started getting ready for Weezer, and
the crowd sort of filled in. My friend and I chatted about whether or not to
get the Start cd and eventually did.
When the lights went down, the crowd went up and so did a wall of sound,
thundering towards the stage. Weezer came out and the cheers were deafening.
The show was great, and my friend screamed the first lyrics of "In the
Garage" as the song started, revelling in Weezer's D&D lyrics. After the
third song there was an apparent change in the song lists, which Rivers
smiled over and made a funny comment about. Then more great songs! The
balloon that was hurled on stage during the set was great! Pat aptly threw
it back and made a comment, but the applause for him was too great for me to
hear what he had said.
Scott was surprisingly great. Don't get me wrong, I still want Mikey
back, but he rocked like a true weezer. He was really good on 'Hash Pipe',
especially when he did a punked out jump!
...Anyway, Weezer rocks hard, and may they come back soon
for another show!" --Emily

...on a different note, Rivers was unsuccessful in locating a good video game for his computer. We decided on something called "Baldur's Gate", but found that you cant download it, and out at the Tweeter Center we had limited access to any malls, so the quest will have to continue in Philadelphia...

...MuchMusicUSA is running a "viewer made video" contest and the artist for this month is
weezer. Viewers are being asked to make their own 'island in the sun' video. The
winning video will be shown on MuchMusic! At this website, locate the "videolab/videogallery" area you can view the videos. Currently there are 252
video clips for weezer!