Karl's Corner - 07/10/2002

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07/10/02 may contain traces of peanuts

Karlscorner-enlightentour.jpgEnlightenment Tour Day 5: Travel/Day Off

Karlscorner-Fishinvid.jpgKeep Fishin' report:

  • video:

Update: On Mtv2, The Keep Fishin' episode of Making the Video debuts on July 15 at 8:30 PM and is followed by a half-hour show on the 5/13 show at the Whiskey in Los Angeles. The Making the Video episode will be repeated on Saturday, July 20 at 12:00 AM.
Meanwhile, in Canada, Much Music is playing the Keep Fishin' video, on their "Much On Demand" segment.

  • radio:

"...weezer: The music that saved the world" ---102.9 the buzz, Nashville

...Keep Fishin' is making waves at radio, thanks to your requests! On the Billboard Modern Rock Chart, it was the "Greatest Gainer" this past week, jumping to #29, up from its debut the week previous at #39. More stations are adding the single, spurred on by requests and the Muppet-laden video that only a curmudgeon could dislike. Some more stations that have picked up the track are...COOL 98.5 in Montreal (Quebec), Canada...Oklahoma City: 94.7 "The Buzz"...tulsa OK's Z104.5 the edge (made it into the top ten on 7/11)...106.5 WEND based in Charlotte, NC (#6 on the 7 at 11 on 7/11)...106.9 The Bear in Ottawa, ONT, Canada...Xfm Radio in ottawa, ONT, Canada...104.3 KMBY, Monterey Bay (album version)...Berea's 88.3 The Sting [Cleveland] (was giving away tickets on 7/8)...92.3 in Cleveland (at #10 on their countdown, also giving away concert tix)...CD101 in Columbus, Ohio (Green Album and Maladroit reviews plus message boards for comments on their website)...KPSU Portland State University (Maladroit the album is listed as their #2 most played)...q101 chicago (playing the single version)...94.7 chicago (playing the album version)...and meanwhile on the station that started the action: Kroq 106.7 in Los Angeles (in their top 20 played list TWICE, #15 and #20...apparently one slot for each version of the song!)

...also, from around the country and world people have sent in all kids of interesting news about the various other weez tracks that theyre hearing and seeing on their local stations. Here's the recent scoop:

USA: Dope Nose was played in the Baseball All-Star Game in the 9th inning!
USA: 91.3 in Tulsa/Muskogee OK is playing most of Maladroit by request
USA: Mtv2 Control Freak: hash Pipe defeated No Doubt and Me'shell Ndege'Ocello with 65 percent of the vote
CANADA: the Dope Nose video is up to #13 on the "much mega hits" show on MuchMusic
UK: MTV's text messaging request show, weezers Island in the Sun video defeated D12
Ireland: 6/27: Burndt Jamb was no. 5 in the Pet Sounds show on Today FM, Dope Nose was no. 7 in the Phantom FM charts.
Isreal: on the national station "GALGALATZ", dj Quami hosts the eclectic alternative radio show "k.z.radio" ("edge radio" ), and recently featured "Maladroit" as the album of the week.
Belgium: "Dope Nose" is at #16 on the National top 30 radio chart
Australia: Triple J radio is still playing Dope Nose, plus Keep Fishin, but are still playing more Burndt Jamb than anything else, plus dj richard kingsmill has been featuring 'american gigalo' on his new music program for the last few weeks.
Chile: Dope Nose it getting "heavy airplay" on the radio and the video is at #7 in the 10 most requested songs in MTV!