Karl's Corner - 07/28/2002

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07/28/02 "Guaca-MOLE-ay"

Karlscorner-enlightentour.jpgEnlightenment Tour Day 23: Travel/Day Off [Atlanta]

Hotlanta! Today was a day off in hot 'n humid Atlanta. Rest was gotten, movies were watched, and work was done. While walking to a restaurant, we swear we saw rapper Master P waiting for the traffic light in an ultra tricked out white Cadillac Escalade Pickup. Now if that wasnt a "Welcome to Atlanta" moment, I dont know what qualifies! Anyway, some saw "Minority Report", others saw "Goldmember". "Goldmember" ruled! I havent heard how "Minority Report" went over yet.

Karlscorner-Fishinvid.jpgKeep Fishin' report:
Since the Letterman/TRL confluence last Thursday, theres been an increase in Keep Fishin activity...

  • video:

Mtv: getting played about 14 times a week, which is roughly 'medium-high' rotation for them. Still a 'wannabe' in TRL. [Vote here. A fan led movement to vote enmasse is "on" for August 1st!]
Mtv2: Keep Fishin is up to #8 on the Mtv2 Rock countdown this week, up from #17 last week! Won another 'Control Freak' [Vs. tourmates Dashboard and Pete Yorn!]
VH1: Keep Fishin is up to #18 on the top 20 countdown this week, up from #20 last week! Getting played about 19 times a week, also 'medium-high' rotation.
Mtv Europe: Keep Fishin' premiered on 7/27, lots of good things said by the VJ.
Mtv2 UK: Number 3 on the "Most Wanted" chart!
UK The Box UK [Sky Digital ch 449]: to request: Box number: 704; Phone number: 09067 533 400. Featured in the BOXFRESH section! Vote and get it into the top 10!
E! Networks' "Pick Of The Week"!

  • radio:

K-Rock in NY is having a "Battle of the bands" on their website. So far, Weezer has defeated Jane's Addiction in Round 1 and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers in Round 2! Your vote will count in upcoming rounds! Also, a few days ago Keep Fishin was #5 on their 'Furious Five at Nine' [5th most requested song of the day!].
Keep fishin' also playing in WMRQ Radio 104 in Connecticut...CD101 in Columbus...WBTZ 99.9 the buzz in Burlington, VT (added Keep Fishin to their weekly "Top 9 at 9" poll. Vote here!)...105.7 the Point in St. Louis [DJ sez, "You know you can't go wrong when you have the Muppets in your video. This band did it, and the video and song is great."]...and 106.7 The End KKND in New Orleans...Meanwhile, 90.1 WRUV, Burlington, VT is playing Burndt Jamb, Possibilities, and Space Rock.

UK: BBC1's Steve Lamaq has played Keep Fishin' (or as he calls it "gone fishin'") on his show...

France: Not on Keep Fishin' yet, but "le mouv'" -the big national rock station- is all over "dope nose"!!

Karlscorner-letterman.jpgLetterman notes:
UK: Late Night with David Letterman with special guests WEEZER will be shown at 11pm on monday (29th july) on ITV2. this is only available for cable viewers, it's not on ITV1.

Brazil: The David Letterman featuring Weezer will be aired in Brazil at the cable chanel GNT on August 1st at 10pm