Karl's Corner - 09/07/2002

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09/07/02 the taking of pelham one two three

...okay, this is a pretty cool contest: over at muchmusic.com, theyve got this thing going on where you send in pictures of yourself with a puppet [!], and the person with the winning photo wins a maladroit skateboard, which as far as we know is unique and not an item thats for sale anywhere! Check it out over there, this is a good one!

Karlscorner-Fishinvid.jpgKeep Fishin' report:

  • video:

Mtv: Keep Fishin' was #1 on the 'All Things Rock' Countdown! All Things Rock is a sorta new show on MTV [Mon - Thurs at 1 AM, and Every Fri. at 11:30 pm is their top ten countdown of "the most popular Rock Videos"]
MuchMusic Canada: up another 3 spots to #13 on the top 30 weekly countdown
MTV Holland: debuted the video on Sept 7th!
Channel V China: the video is 'quite frequently' played on their 'Pop From the West' show!
MTV Brazil: on the "comedy" show "Worst Clips Ever", Keep Fishin was chosen the "clip-cliché" Pat hiding from Miss Piggy with the lampshade earned a "burp" from the host - the worst grade it could get! Host Joao Gordo is actually a big fan and said "I love Weezer, and this clip is awesome. I'm just doing this because MTV pays me to..." The show will be aired again on Saturday at 8:00pm and Monday at 5:00pm. Meanwhile, the video also debuted on the "Riff" show, "...a punk/hardcore show...the vj said that keep fishin shows the new drummer, [making a joke about Animal replacing the kidnapped Pat]." They classified it as a "d+ video", which is apparently a top ranking! The video is scheduled to enter regular rotation on Mtv Brazil in mid-late September.
Mtv Chile: "Dope Nose" has reached the Number 1 on the 10 most requested songs!!

  • radio:

...94.7 knrk in portland, oregon [number 9 on their top ten list!]