Karl's Corner - 09/17/2002

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09/17/02 double dutch bus

..."The other day when I was listening to Live 105 in San Francisco, the DJ said, "This is NOT CREED!" Then he proceeded to play "Keep Fishin'." ---Nick

...well, we're starting to settle into a pattern that will likely be the norm for a while. Julie and I work on updating and improving the website, while back in LA...???...Now, whenever we get any details whats going on, it will be passed on to you. But that kinda info may be a bit scarce for a while.

...the super-chrono is now just about 'caught up' , and will remain so from now on. So whenever you want to step back before the current news, hit the super-chrono. Also note that the plans call for a LOT more info to be added to the 1991-1997 dates.

...MuchMusic.com has posted a picture of the Maladroit skateboard winner, plus some pretty funny weez-puppet contest entries. heh heh.

...mini keep fishin' report:
Video: MuchMusic Canada: up to #12 on the top 30 countdown this week!
Radio: Edge 102 Toronto: up to #16 [up from #18] on the request driven "Thursday 30"!

"...I went to New York City for the September 11th ceremonies and stuff, and as I was walking down Broadway near 43rd, there were people lining up for TRL. One of the guys saw me in the crowd and said, "Hey Babelicious, wanna be on TRL?" (I was wearing a Babelicious shirt) I said, "Is Weezer on it?" He was like, "Uh....no." I said, "Eeew, no thanks! I like good music." and left. How cool is that?" ---*sugarbumkin*