Karl's Corner - 03/07/2002

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03/07/02 when they hear you've intercepted a diplomatic mission...

...There is non stop activity. As the "Maladroit action" radio reports (below) continue to attest to, people are hearing a lot of "Dope Nose" and other Maladroit tracks all across the country. Again, the band is very grateful for your support and requests!

Unfortunately, even as all the reports of radio success come in, the album itself seems to be no closer to coming out, as relations have become further strained with the record company. Now that "Dope Nose" is taking off, Intersope has begun to show a decided interest in the band's new creation, "Maladroit". Now it seems that Interscope wants to claim ownership and take possession of the Maladroit master tapes that weezer created, produced and paid for independent of any record company aid. It's going to be difficult for them to turn over the tapes which they worked so hard on...

In any event, weezer isnt wasting any time, continuing to rip it up in the studio. They have made tremendous progress already this week in recording album #5. heres a summary of what has been worked on for Album 5 to date:

  • early February:

360 private message
365 sugar cookie
368 prodigy lover
364 wool cap

  • 3/3:

192 Mad Kow
367 367

  • 3/4:

367 367 (new take)
190 Modern Dukes
368 prodigy lover (new take)

  • 3/5:

347 Misstep
348 The Victor

  • 3/6:

353 Sacrifice
197 Superstar

  • 3/7 (today):

Yellow Camaro (by Brian)
359 Untenable
369 She Who is Militant
363 Garbage Can

...and in 2 days are we're heading to Portugal to start the European tour!

Here's a new weez article on Mtv.com, talking about, well, stuff you're probably somewhat familiar with, but still of interest.

...HeavyMaladroit Action!

  • KROQ Los Angeles: "Dope Nose" NUMBER 1 on the "furious five at nine"!
  • Y100 Philadelphia: dope nose NUMBER 1 on the top 7 at 8 countdown! DJ sez: "the record company didn't really want us playing this, but were gonna play it anyway."
  • Live 105; San Francisco: 'Dope Nose' number 3 on the Most Wanted List of the day!
  • 94.7 Chicago: "Dope Nose" is now #4 on the Top 9 at 9!
  • 99.1 whfs, Wash. DC/Baltimore: dope nose is #3 on the top nine at nine!
  • WEQX's Manchester VT/Albany NY:"Dope Nose" at NUMBER 1 on the Top 5 at 5 pm!
  • 99X Atlanta: a fan writes: "...[the DJ] said he will play Dope Nose until he gets in trouble. He loves the song and said if Weezer comes to Atlanta he will be front row with his =w= hand sign straight up in the air. He then agreed with me saying Weezer is the hardest working band in the business...."
  • 101.7 FNX in Boston/New England: playing "Take Control"
  • WWHR Revolution 91.7, Bowling Green, KY: Dope Nose in HEAVY rotation; Already in the top 5 of most requested songs
  • KZAG at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA: both "Keep Fishin'" and "Slave" heard today.
  • WHTG G106.3 New Jersey: playing "Dope Nose".
  • WCWP 88.1 CW Post, Long Island University, NY: playing "Death and Destruction"
  • American Airlines Center, Dallas,Texas: a fan (with a cool job) writes: "...I have been playing "Dope Nose" before and during the Dallas Stars games the past few weeks. The song rocks!..."
  • KWCR 88.1 The Edge: DJ sez: "....We've currently got 6 unofficial releases in rotation, including "Dope

Nose."...We've actually come up with our own "New Weezer Rotation" which works like this...we've set up our system to play a new Weezer song once every 6 hours. But it rotates through the 6 new songs we've got. So you won't be able to hear the same new Weezer song for at least 36 hours. And before the songs are played a hook says, "New Weezer, here on The Edge." We feel this way, fans can get their "New Weezer" fix, but because no one song gets over played..."