Karl's Corner - 04/11/2002

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04/11/02 Mujer Extrana

"...Our school, Brentwood Academy, just had a talent show and weezer songs 'island in the sun', 'el scorcho', and 'say it ain't so' were all played by 3 out of the 4 bands that played. El Scorcho won the show, beating over 15 other acts. Everyone here became enormous fans of weezer after their Nashville show which kicked ass especially since half the band was really sick..." ---Jonathan Pears, & Tyler Trew

"...I'm a freshman at The College Of New Jersey. Since the year is winding down, elections for the student board are happening and everyone puts up little posters saying vote for them. I was looking at them the other day and noticed the =w= logo all over one of the posters. Then later that day I see people wearing shirts that say "Weezer Supports (I don't remember the persons name)"..." ---Bill

...Album 5 recording updates:

on Tuesday (4/9), the following songs were worked on:
Nice To Meet You (by Brian; fresh recording, incl. vocal overdubs)
Yellow Camaro (by Brian - incl. vocal overdubs)
Private Message (new recording, version 3)
Buttafuoco (new recording, version 2)
The Story Is Wrong (by Pat - new Mix)

Tuesday was a bit of a rough day in places, the band was figuratively beating their collective heads against the wall trying to sort out some parts that werent coming together to everyones satisfaction. But they got it sorted out and the work got done.

and on Wednesday (4/10)...
Mad Kow (incl. vocal overdubs and new Rivers guitar)
Modern Dukes (all new recording(?))
Private Message (with new vocals and new Rivers guitar)
Buttafuoco (added new vocals)
Happy Together (all new recording)
Booby Trap (new recording, version 2)
Yellow Camaro (added new vocals)

Wednesday, things were back to full steam ahead, lots of progress, and an extra long session in the studio.

...Here's a breif guerilla style post-show interview with Pat, Brian and Scott outside after the Southampton UK show a few weeks ago. Courtesy of 'the smelly site'.(?)

...continued Maladroit Mayhem!

  • Y100 Philly: dope nose was number 1 today on the top 7 at 8 countdown! up from number 4 yesterday!
  • Krock 92.3 NYC: Dope Nose has jumped to 30 from 36 out of 49 on the playlist
  • 92.7/96.9 WRRV, 'The Hudson Valley's New Rock Alternative': "Dope Nose" was the #3 buzzcut for April 8th.
  • Z104.5 The Edge in Tulsa, Oklahoma: just jumped on "Dope Nose", it made it to #8 on the "Extreme top ten @ ten"
  • KULV University of La Verne radio: DJ sez: "...Dope Nose is now becoming the college favorite here because it bumped Linkin Park's "In the End"..."
  • WZZI Z101.5 (Roanoke,VA)/100.9(Lynchburg,VA) plays Dope Nose, Photograph, & Hashpipe throughout it's daily broadcast. Especially when requested.
  • the Edge 103.9 Phoenix. Dope Nose has been between 3rd and 6th place on the Edge's Top 10 at Ten.
  • 94.1 the zone in rochester, ny: DJ Weezer sez: "...we're spinning dope nose, and heavily featuring new and rare weezer cuts on our "mp3-monday" programming. huge responses across the board!..."
  • WBCN 104.1 boston: besides Dope Nose, has also played "keep fishin", on their Nocturnal Emissions program. "...but the dj screwed up and called it "Gone Fishin". oh well.."
  • Northern Michigan 95.5 wjcj the zone: has been playing dope nose.
  • 99.1 WHFS: a fan sez: "...played Keep Fishin', and after the song the Dj read aloud a letter that Rivers wrote him about playing AM Radio, and then finally they played an AM Radio song!.."
  • WLIR 92.7: on the playlist at #34
  • 99.9 the buzz, Burlington, VT/Montreal: "Dope Nose" is on the "Top 9 @ 9" in the number 2 spot up from #4!
  • KRZQ in Northern Nevada: They have moved Dope Nose into the playlist
  • WCWS 90.9 FM, College of Wooster in Ohio: DJ sez: "...You better believe that I, among the other DJ"s, are playing the Maladroit sampler like non-stop!.."
  • 101.7 FNX: Dope Nose is at number 12 on the top 20. DJ sez: "...that's off their new cd Maladroit and it's called Dope Nose...that's Nose not Knows..."
  • live 105, San Fran: "...Weezer beat out Jane's Addiction by a landslide in Live 105's March Madness ultimate cage match. Unfortunately, the Beastie Boys won the next match against Weezer by only seven votes..."
  • WERW 1570AM at Syracuse University: DJ sez: "...we just added Dope Nose this week I believe, but I have been playing it and slob and other maladroit tracks every saturday from midnight to 3AM. you can also listen online at werw.syr.edu..."
  • 92.1 San Diego: playing Dope Nose every hour?
  • 91.1 San Diego: also playing Dope Nose, and played a Maladroit Block of "Dope Nose" and "Keep Fishin"
  • FM 96: Dope Nose #6 on the Top Seven at Seven
  • 93.3 st. louis: also playing Dope Nose
  • Charlotte 106.5: also playing Dope Nose
  • 96.5 the Buzz Kansas: also playing Dope Nose
  • 107.7 the X in Birmingham, AL: also playing Dope Nose
  • star 101.9 Hawaii: "...has the 420 song of the day. It is played at 4:20 PM and is a song about weed. So they normally play sublime, cypress hill, and bob marley. Yesterday they played dope nose for it. Other then the title I couldn't think of anything druggy in the song..."
  • Dartmouth's Solid Rock station FM 99.3 Rock99: also playing Dope Nose
  • Savannah, Geogia Rock 106.1: also playing Dope Nose
  • Radio 104 Hartford CT: Dope Nose at #7 on the "8 most wanted"
  • Idaho's 100.3 The X: Last weekend was a triple X weekend: 3 songs by the same artist. On Sunday Weezer was on for "Buddy Holly," "El Scorcho," and "Dope Nose".
  • University of Wisconsin Whitewater: added Dope Nose
  • 102.9 the buzz Nashville: Dope Nose and Hash Pipe getting continuous play
  • KTCL 93.3 in Denver: Have added Dope Nose "...after many requests and such..."
  • channel 905 (dmx alternative) digital cable radio: playing the demo version of dope nose
  • Direct TV's channel 817 (alternative): playing "dope nose" and "take control"
  • Sirius Satellite Radio, Channels 26 (Alt Nation) and Channel 20(Rock Hits): "Dope Nose" is on regular rotation on both stations.
  1. California Angels Vs. Cleveland Indians (visitors), 3-31-02: "...While the announcer was finishing stating the starting lineup for the Indians, he then went into the Angels starting line-up. Right when he said that, the rocking intro to "Take Control" was then played. It was played during the whole line-up announcement. I noticed a lot of bobbing heads, its obvious people dig it...."

....international action:

  • The Edge 102.1 Toronto, Canada: Dope Nose is up to #19 on the New Rock 30. Has played "keep fishin'" right after "dope nose".
  • Q104 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada: has added Dope Nose
  • 100.3 the Bear-Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: Dope Nose is already #1 on the top ten at ten (04/11).
  • Power 97.5 in Winnipeg, Canada: also playing Dope Nose
  • XFM England: Dope Nose is currently #3 on the 'top 7 at 7'! HEAVY request efforts have paid off, the song has been at #4 for several days and now up to #3...On xfm's 'music response'- "loads of love on the email from you crazy weezer fans"