Karl's Corner - 04/13/2002

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04/13/02 love makes it right

...today was a very productive and happy day in the studio, with good moods all around. The Foozball tournament stands at 23 games to 34. Todays work:

  • Mo Beats (version 3)
  • Booby Trap (version 3)
  • Prodigy Lover (version 3)
  • Superstar (no recording, did a rough mix)
  • 367 (no recording, did a rough mix)

In addition, a photographer from Venice Magazine came by and did a photo shoot with the band. This photographer has previously shot them back in 1996 (at the headlining show in the Ventura Theatre), so some "back in the days" talk was tossed around...

...thanks to Sarah for pix and details!...