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01/01/2002 (....01/01/2002!?! wow...)

...Happy New Year, everyone! Here we are in 2002. When I look back at where the band was a year ago, and then 2 years ago, I feel proud of the guys and all the fans for making something pretty amazing happen. From a total lack of activity to a sucessful new album, with another on the way, plus lots of touring all over the place (with lots more on the way), I feel its time for everyone (and that absolutely includes you the reader!) to give themselves a collective pat on the back for helping make it all happen! As Rivers said in his holiday message, ya just cant please everyone all of the time. But you can indeed rock it out as far as you can, and keep the weez machine rolling. And you, me, the band, all of us, we're rolling! So welcome to 2002, may it rock on as it should...and may it be a far more peaceful year than 2001!

...finally: the video for "Photograph" is done! after over a week of horrible technical glitches, it is finally out of my computer and on its way to L.A., where it will be mastered and duplicated and everything. Once its sent out to the various TV studios and such, a "web" release date (in mpeg and real player formats) will be decided on. Thanks for your words of encouragement in this project, they mean a lot to me!

...we've been getting some good contest entries thus far. keep them coming! for those of you in need of scott pictures, don't forgot you can find old tour/rehearsal pics by using the "search" function at the bottom of this page. Also, theres a nice new mug of him on the "band introduction" page in the "Info" section.

...(updated: 2001 wrap up!) The Photograph (and other weez songs) Report: across the country, people have been writing in with their stories of whats up on the radio in their area. "Photograph" has now been at radio for about 2 months, and did pretty darn well for itself! Meanwhile, lots of stations and video shows did 2001 countdowns, the results i have so far are included below. And some people reported hearing "The Christmas Song" on their local stations too! Some of those are listed here as well.Much of this activity is thanks to you and your requests! Here's the skinny to date...

***2001 countdown news***
106.7 KROQ Los Angeles: top 106.7 of 2001: Hash Pipe #7, Island in the Sun #19, Simple Pages #84, Photograph #103
DC 101 Wash D.C.: top 101 of 2001: Hashpipe #9, Island in the Sun #28
Houston's 94.5 The Buzz: Top 50 of 2001: Weezer at #3 (song unknown, probably Hash Pipe?)
Y-100 Philadelphia: most played of the year: Hash Pipe #1, Island #26, Photograph #56
94.7 KRNK Portland OR: Top 94 songs of 2001: Hash Pipe #1
102.1 New Rock in Milwaukee: Top songs of 2001: Island in the Sun #43
Q101 Chicago: The Green album was named one of their top ten albums
770 Radio K (in Minneapolis/ St Paul): top 77 of the year: "Photograph" #2!
97x in Oxford, Ohio: top 97 of 2001: The Green Album #2
107.1, wpgu: 107 best songs of the year: Simple Pages-#28, Island in the Sun-#25, Hash Pipe-#2

***Christmas Song sightings***

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada on K 106.3, Nashville's 102.9 the Buzz, Q 104.3 (classic rock station in NY), 103.9 wxeg, Chicago's Q101. also, "Christmas celebration" on the edge 102.1 in Toronto, 106.5 WKKW Clarksburg, WV, Channel One (high school station network), Boston's WFNX, unknown Phoenix, Arizona station.

***Video Notes***

...while the video for Photograph has just now been finished, some past videos have gotten some recognition:
MTV's "50 to 1" 2001 countdown show: Hash Pipe at #34
Channel V Asia's Top 100 videos of 2001: 'Island In The Sun' (Spike Jonze version): #46

***Radio Report updates!***

, added/updated 1/01: Still playing/added "Photograph": Q101 in chicago, Kalamazoo's 97.9, Boston's WBCN 104.1 (#8 most wanted, #1 on the Newbury Comics Alternative Rock Top 10), S.F.'s Live 105 (105.3) Power 97 Winnipeg (both Photograph and Island got a shot in the "Power 97 Playoff", but were defeated by Nickelback, etc), Philly's Y-100 coming in strong (even played the folowing super set: Christmas Celebration, The Christmas Song, Photograph, Undone, Photograph (again??), and SIAS), Lick 106.3 (#19), 88.9 WRDL (ohio) (two hour "weezerific" show, played all three albums plus many others, incl The Christmas song and Jamie), 92.1 WMAD in Madison WI, 88.9 Monmouth U., WUMF Farmington ME (did an all weezer show day of concert), SoCal's 98.3 ( #15 on "Out of order"), San Antonio TX KTSW 89.9, 103.3 The Peak in Albuquerque, NM, 103.3 the Edge in Buffalo, NY (thanks RW!), 89.7 the River- Omaha Nebraska, 97.1 FM WQWK (Quick Rock)in State College PA ("Its just kinda weird to hear some Ozzy Osbourne, then Photograph, then some Rob Zombie"), 96.3 The Zone- Billings MT (#1 requested song!).

Also, "Island" heard on: 98.5 KRZ in PA, and some weezer "finally" being heard on Cincinnati's 97.3 The Rock Alternative.

other lands:
" "island ..." is getting quite alot of airplay here in Melbourne, Australia even on commercial rock stations. a big move forward for our radio stations."

" 'Photograph' was heard on 100.55 Mustang FM, Jakarta. And 'Island In The Sun' gained significant rotation on 87.6 Hard Rock FM.

, added/updated 11/25: South West Florida's New Rock 99x (is a "buzzcut"), Boston's 95.5 WBRU, NYC's 92.7 WLIR (also playing the Jimmy Pop Hash Pipe remix!), NYC'S 92.3 WXRK, NYC's 104.3 (the 'classic rock' station!), Hinsdale's (IL) 88.5 FM, Austin's KROX 101x (had a 'weezer weekend' last week), France's Grenoble Campus Radio (also play the 'weezer.com' version of "Always"! ...cool), #16 most played at LA's KROQ, NYC's Krock (now #6 in the top 10 at 10), Nashville TN's 102.9 The Buzz, hit #1 on the top 7 at 8 on Philly's Y-100!, Reno, NV's 100.9 KRZQ (played a 45 min weezer block!), Oxford MS's Rebel Radio 92.1, East Tennessee State's WETS the Edge, Pittsburgh, PA's 105.9 FM, 93X (at #16, Hash Pipe at #17), Salinas, California's New Rock 104.3 KMBY, Traverse City Michigan's 95.5 The Zone (giving away green albums!), Chicago's 94.7 (#1 on the top 9 at 9!), Columbus, OH's (unknown station) (playing weezer blocks on occasion!), Salt Lake City's X-96 (who are apparently calling the single 'Dont Let Go' while playing 'Photograph'!)

, added/updated 11/12: new online radio station "Radio@Aol", Hawaii's 101.1 The Point, some "emo"-themed online station that Rivers and I were checking out, Cleveland OH's 92.3 X-treme Radio, Summit County, OH's 91.3 The Summit, Utica, NY's Krock (#5 on the big 10 at 10), Boston's WFNX 101.7, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire's on-line station WSRI, Santa Barbara's 92.9, KJEE, 88.7fm/64am Radio Noise Pollution, LSU Louisiana's 91.1 KLSU, DC's 99.1 WHFS, UW Platteville's 91.1 fm The evolution, Chattanooga, TN's 91.5 the Wawl.

, added/updated 11/16: NYC/Queens/Long Island's 92.7 WLIR (on the "Nine Oclock Knockout"), New Jersey's Kroq, Wai'anae, Hawai'i's 105.9 Lava Rock, College Station, TX's 103.9 the X, Fort Wayne, Indiana's X 102.3, Dallas's 102.1 the edge, Auburn University's 104.9 The Tiger, Wash DC's DC101 (on the New Music Mart), Ashland, Ohio's 88.9 WRDL, 95.5 WBRU, Johnson City, TN's 95.9 WRZK, Portland, OR's 94.7 KNRK, Vancouver, British Columbia's Z95.3, Winnipeg's Power 97 (in the "Power 97 Playoff"), Louisville Kentucky's 105.1.

, added/updated 11/10: Minneapolis' 770AM Radio K, Rochester, NY's WBER, Hawaii's 97.5 Kpoi (#2 in the top 10 requests!), Hawaii's Lava Rock 105.9 (all 3 singles in major rotation!), Hawaii's STAR 101.9, NYC's ::KROCK 92.3 (debuted at #37, now #5 on the Big 10 at 10, added to the nominees for Furious Five at Nine countdown), San Francisco's "Today's Hit music" z95.7, San Francisco's New Rock Alternative 'Channel 104.9', Chicago's 94.7, Long Island New York's 92.7/98.5 WLIR, Brownwood, TX's KHPU 91.7fm The Buzz, Chesapeake's 96X. Also, "Simple Pages" is in rotation on 107.1 In Champaign, IL.

, added/updated 11/9: Johnson City, TN's 95.9 KROK, montreal's chom 97.7 fm, Lafayette, LA's Planet Radio 96.5, Tuscon, AZ's 92.1 KFMA, Denver, CO's Channel 93.3, La Verne, CA's KULV 107.9 FM, vancouver's 99.3 the Fox, Gainesville FL's 103.7 WRUF, tulsa, oklahoma's 104.5 the edge, columbia, sc's channel 93.5 - WARQ, lexington ky's Z103, detroit's 89x (in the top 20 Hitlist!), Philly's Y-100 ('retired' from cage match as champ, #1 (!!!) on the Top 7 @ 8, ranked at 25 most played (hash pipe is still #6!), and San Diego's 91X.

, added 11/8: Lewiston, Maine's WRBC, Montreal/Plattsburgh/Burlington's 99.9 The Buzz (# 7 during the Top 9 @ 9!), Columbia, SC's Channel 93.5 - WARQ, San Diego's Independent Radio 92.1 and 91X, San Fransisco's Live 105.3,South Jersey's 102.7 WJSE, Albany, NY's The Channel 103.1, Austin, Tx's 101X, Salt Lake City's X96, Rochester NY's 94.1 the zone, Iowa's 89.7 The River, London, Ontario's FM96, Toronto's Edge102 (on 'club nights' only at this point, "Island" and "Hash Pipe" are still in heavy rotation), and "Channel 1", the high school A-V program that is aired at many high schools every morning (damn, sounds kinda cool...wish i had that when i was in high school!)

, added 11/7: Dayton, Ohio's 103.9 the X (also IITS, Hash Pipe, and the classics), dallas/fort worth area's 102.1 the edge (and had "extended midget weekends" where they gave away tickets and cds and a ride to the concert in their "short bus" (they took the midget thing all the way) with their crew)

, added 11/6: Lansing's 92.1 The Edge, Boise Idaho's 100.3 the X., Springfield Mass.'s, Laser 99.3, SF's Live105.3 (at #12 on it's most played list!), Channel 104.9 ("photograph" at # 18 "island..." at #5), Lafayette, Louisiana's Planet Radio 96.5 (also still heavy on Hash Pipe), and Columbus, Ohio's CD101 (also still up on "Hash Pipe" and "Island")

original report, early November Tulsa's 104.5, Iowa's 105.1 kccq, Sacramento's KWOD 106.5 (#4 requested!), Grand Rapids' WGRD 97.9, LA's KROQ (#17 most played), Seattle's 107.7 (consistently in the Top 10 Peoples Choice Countdown, hit #1 recently), Charlotte, NC's 106.5 The End ("Budlight Spotlight"), St. Louis's 93.3x, St Louis' 105.7 The Point (won the cage match an unknown number of nights), Chicago's 94.7 The Zone,, added 11/5: Chicago's Q101 (playing "photograph" now, not to mention Undone, IITS, and Hash Pipe on a consistant basis), Richmond VA's Y 101.

other radio activity of note, fall 2001:
In Ireland, "Island in the Sun" in regular rotation on the main national radio station "2FM". In the UK the "Island" single was at #63. also heard great reports on "Island" from Spain and even Portugal!

SF's LIVE 105.3 was playing B-side "Sugar Booger" on their 'sound check' program.

on LA's Kroq Rodney on the Rock program, Rodney busted out with "O Lisa" and "Always."

...And THANK YOU to everyone requesting "Photograph"! Find out where to REQUEST "PHOTOGRAPH" AT YOUR LOCAL RADIO STATION HERE.

finally, Heres another interesting tale sent in...ah, those wacky weez-hatin' DJ's...
"I have been trying to get good ol' Buzz Adams at KLAQ 95.5 FM in El Paso, Tx to play anything at all by the weez for the past couple of months. So I call in the other day and request Photograph, and Im told ::"Yeah sure! Well play it for ya right now!" So yeah....I freaked. I waited a few minutes and then the DJ says this, "We've had a few requests for some Weezer so were gonna go ahead and play some Linkin Park ::instead." What a p---k!!!"