Karl's Corner - 01/15/2002

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01/15/02 you teach 'em all about unity

...I finally got the Realplayer clip of the "Muni Challenge" video working, sorry if you had trouble with it.

...another UPDATE to the UK Tour Ticket Info: Apollo Theatre, Manchester: Way Ahead (the Ticket company ) has been sending out This email to those holding tickets from October: "The ticket(s) are NOT VALID for the new date as stated [previously], and will need to be exchanged for new tickets or face value refunds are available if the new date is unsuitable. All tickets need to be returned by 1st Febuary 2002. No refunds/exchanges will be issued after this date." Their email line for questions and problems (like if you have an old ticket and didnt get the email!) is: helpdesk@wayahead.com .

...and heres another request line, for requesting the "Photograph" video, This time for "RAGE TV" in Brockton.
The studio call line is: 1-(508)-584- 8888; the online request page is: here.
(Rage TV is on Brockton Cable Channel 9, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat from 10-11)

...also, some info from an Australian fan: The Triple J Australia's Hottest 100 online poll is in its final week. With your votes, maybe they could get into the top 100 before its too late! The Aussies need our help, as Its been quite a while since the last weezer tour there, and they may have lost some spark while waiting. But Triple J has been playing a lot of weezer according to the fans, so we still have a chance to affect the poll! Vote here.