Karl's Corner - 01/31/2002

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01/31/02 don't freestyle much but I write 'em like such

...Sometimes my impressions are off. When I rejoined the guys several days ago, I got the sense of a whirlwind of activity in the face of a coming deadline. However, I think I was reading the situation wrong. When discussing the current recording process with the guys today, I found that they havent been feeling rushed by any means, and in fact theyve simply been working hard and putting in the long hours as par for the course. In fact, they pointed out that theyve been working on this album for almost 6 weeks now, and really have been gearing up for it since last fall. So, rather than any kind of rush, its really more of a good ol' nose-to-the-grindstone solid work ethic thing thats been going on...and, its been paying off in spades! Today in the studio things were actually pretty relaxed. The album is really taking shape now, and only a few minor things need to be done, including the mastering.

..hey, Happy birthday to PATRICK WILSON 2/1/2002!!!

...more Maladroit action!

  • Philly's Y-100 has a pretty cool thing going on, click on the "Weezer Wednesday" link on their site to see whats up! looks like Philly area fans will get a chance to help the band decide what the first single will be!
  • This weekend on 107.7 The End they are running a "Weezer tracks back-to-back" thing: the brand new songs "Dope Nose" and "Keep Fishin'", together! Listeners can then call in or email the dj to vote for your fave...
  • Sandwich High School Radio, 91.5 Cape Cod, MA, ("the first cape cod station to play Photograph")is "playing Maladroit demos all the time now"!
  • WBRC 91.5 FM Lewiston, ME: "On Tuesday, Feb 5th, between 8-10pm, WRBC will be airing an interview with Scott Shriner conducted backstage at the Portland, ME show of the Extended Midget Tour this past December. WRBC offers live streaming through our website And, selected "Maladroit" tracks will be aired as well as other Weezer songs."
  • WRDP, Radio DePaul, Chicago: This station, webcast here, will be playing three Weezer tracks from Maladroit and continuing to take requests, every Thursday from 1-3 pm.

...photograph video:the video has been up on Much Music USA's "Keep/Trash" show all this week. Through Thursday (today) people can vote for it so they show the video! just go to www.mmusa.tv...
...Then click on the center square.(launches the flash section)
...After that, click on the green bar.("oven fresh")
...Choose Weezer and vote, vote, vote, to get the video on TV!
97 percent of the people who have voted for "Photograph" voted to keep it. It's won every day its been on so far, so perhaps with your votes it will go into some sort of regular rotation??