Karl's Corner - 01/13/2002

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01/13/02 he did it just to get a rep

...Scott sez (to everyone who have been sending him complements):
"...I cant tell you how much the positive feedback means to me. Making
this album is the best thing that I have ever been involved with. It is not
hard to come up with great parts when, a. Songs are amazing b. the people
are so supportive and inspiring c. the level of musicianship is so high. I
am very grateful to be involved, these are the greatest days of my life. thank

update:=rwa= news updates

...If you look in the audio video section of the site you'll see the long promised, slow-in-coming "Muni Challenge" video clip, (dangerously) shot in the Municipal Arena in Kansas City before showtime on 11/30/01.

...So far Ive got request info on just 3 video shows, hopefully the rest will come soon! If you live somewhere where you get any of these 3 shows, let em know you want to see the Photograph video! And if you know how to get in touch with any of the other shows listed below, let us know how one requests with them!

  • JBTV in Chicago says: "It will air again on JBTV over WJYS ch 62/34 Wednesday Night at 11pm, and additional airplays on our cable outlets 8pm Thursday and 7Pm Mondays. Our viewers are always requesting weezer!"
  • FNV in Modesto, California: The email address is fnvonline@yahoo.com
  • Bohemia Afterdark in Phoenix AZ: The email address is bohemiaafterdark@yahoo.com. They say " We will play this right away...[please] provide our email address on your website so people in the Phoenix Metro area can request it.

Once again, the rest of the shows who recieved the video so far are:
A/V Squad (NYC),
Rage TV (Brockton, MA)
Music Mix USA (Naples, FL)
Power Play Music Video TV (Newark, NJ)
Sonic Ignition (Washington, DC)
All Hit Videos (Bangor, ME)
Metal Mania (dayton, OH)
Musical Mayhem (Poland, ME)
Sabroso Video (Allentown, PA)
Spin Off (Washington, DC)
T.A.K. Music (Brooklyn, NY)
VidDream (Wilmington, DE)
Video Hits (Rochester, NY)
Austin Music Network (Austin, TX)
Bobby T Show (Birmingham, AL)
DoVidoX (Avondale Estates, GA)
Raw Time (Austin, TX)
Soundcheck (Goodlettsville, TN)
Video Spot 1 (Lawerenccville, GA)
Heavy Pork (Wichita, KA)
High Voltage (Minneapolis, MN)
Rail 3 (Brookfield, Il)
Music Link (Denver, CO)
Music Link (Culver City, CA)
California Music Channel (Oakland, CA)
Hard Times (Eugene, OR)
Music Video 8 (San Francisco, CA)
NotesFrom The Underground (Long Beach, CA)
Pirate Television (Honolulu, HI)
Rhythems on The Rockside (San Diego, CA)
Smash Hits (Santa Monica, CA)
Top 40 Videos (Burbank CA)
In-Store Sports Network (New York, NY)
Channel M (Los Angeles, CA)
AEI Music (Seattle WA)
ETV (Burbank, CA)
Screen Play (Seattle, WA)
Promo Only (Orlando, FL)
Rockamerica (New York, NY)
Much Music USA (New York, NY)
Blastro (Austin, TX)
Rollingstone.com (Chicago, Il)
Sputnik 7 (NY, NY)
FMiTV (Burbank, CA)
InterneTV (Austin, TX)

...and I have passed on the new requests, from show programmers who want the video for their show, to those in charge of sending it out... thanks!