Karl's Corner - 01/20/2002

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01/20/02 small sunday notes

update:=rwa= news updated! 2/26 long beach show w/ no doubt & the offspring confirmed! see the tour page!

"...i got pulled over tonight for running a stop sign and the cop let me go because i "had a weezer sticker on my car"...no joke, just thought id share..." ---kate

...continued finishing/mixing work in Miami for Rivers, Brian, and Scott. Very long days in the studio. Brian says he's grown to like Miami.

...thanks to what must be quick ticket sales for the Hyper Extended Midget Tour, weezer has shot back up to #1 on the pollstar top 50, a chart thats based on touring bands. They even said: "There are 14 new acts on the chart but they can't match the power of Weezer."

wow..."the power of weezer"!...what a trip.

Interesting fact #1 "Just wanted to let you know that the Mr Taxman demo is actually getting some airtime on 97.7 WOXY in Oxford, Ohio. Here is request info: studio@woxy.com" ---J.R.

Interesting fact #2 Currently at the Newbury Comics in Braintree, MA, there is wide selection of import weezer singles in stock. In the racks right now are the El Scorcho Japanese Import, the Hashpipe and Island in the Sun imports from the UK and Japan, and the Good Life Australian import. Boston area collectors take note!