Karl's Corner - 01/27/2002

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01/27/02 but we've been known to do the impossible like Broadway Joe

Police story 4...
"...I got my first speeding ticket flying at 73 mph in a 55 mph zone blasting 'across the sea'. It was the part where he says "words and dreams and a million screams" and well, I was getting way into it...That song is dangerous driving material...I turned down the music before the cop came to my window, and my mom still doesn't know the exact reason I was being such a "wreckless" driver." ---R.M.

"...i got my first ticket today, i was wishing that "J" would be the police man.... but he wasnt, this guy had no love for weezer, i had my nice sticker on the back of my car.... i even had the green album playing.... but no i still got a ticket..." ---A.

...the troops are reuinted at last! Today marked the day everyone in the weez family was back in the same city at the same time since over a month ago. Rivers came back from Miami a day later than expected, but the extra time spent working in Miami was essential. Now the crazy stuff really begins, with album 4 mixing/finishing, new demo recording, and rehearsing for the upcoming tour ALL happening at the same time!

...heres some more evidence that Maladroit madness is seeping out to the airwaves...

  • WSLN 98.7 The Line, Delaware, OH: played "how long"...the DJ says: "I plan on dropping a lot more of the new stuff!"
  • 107.7 The End, Seattle: "Space Rock" played on the 'Loudspeaker' show

(Also, the new Rolling Stone (2/14) has an item in their "news" section on the new album, with some Rivers quotes)

...Photograph Video spied online? it seems that some keen-eyed fans have located a realplayer version of the vid out in the wilds of cyberspace. From whence it came I do not know.