Karl's Corner - 01/14/2002

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01/14/02 ev'ry thing I do gonh be funky from now on

"hey Karl, i hate you man, i can't believe what you're doing to me, with all these updates i can barely study, i spend all my time on the site i'll never go to an ivy school now!" --T

...today the troops (well most of the troops) arrived in Miami for the mixing session, with Tom Lord-Alge. Like last time in Feb 2001, Tom will be mixing some songs whilst Rivers, Brian and Scott continue working on vocal and guitar overdubs on other songs that arent quite ready to hand over to Tom yet. No wasted time here, folks! Tom Lord-Alge mixed The Green Album, as well as the radio remix of "Pink Triangle" and about 3 million other albums. The whole mixing process is supposed to be done in about 10 days.

...UPDATED info re: Tickets for UK show: Glasgow Barrowlands: "The tickets aren't valid from the old show for the new one. The old tickets should be refunded and new ones should be purchased. the promoter is aware that not all tickets have been refunded from the old show. She is currently holding enough tickets to cover the not yet refunded ones. Thus, no one will need be turned away that shows up with an old ticket but they should definately refund them ahead of time."

...more Photograph requesting info has trickled in...

  • Music Link (Denver): "Our phone request line is 303-458-LINK. E-Mail requests to: themusiclink@netscape.net
  • CMC California Music Channel (KTSF Channel 26 San Francisco, Ch. 8 in Walnut Creek, CA: 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.)- Request Line: 1-800-286-5CMC; online request site: here.

...also, to answer some questions: the clip of "photograph" you see on the Mtv site is NOT the video. That is live extended midget footage they shot in San Diego, as part of their Mtv2 special.