Karl's Corner - 01/07/2002

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01/07/2002 there was a rubble-dubble, five minutes it lasted

...The following is a list of Music Video programs that we have just sent the "Photograph" video to. Unfortunately we don't yet have the info as to how to request the video on these programs, but we're hoping to have that up for you shortly. As you can see, the shows range all the way from local cable access to national cable and satellite broadcast stuff, so you might find a few shows that you are familiar with in your area. The cities listed after each show may just be where the show is based, the actual range of the show is likely a wider area. We should have some request numbers and such added soon. At the very least this is a handy list of where to look for the video!

A/V Squad (NYC),
Rage TV (Brockton, MA)
Music Mix USA (Naples, FL)
Power Play Music Video TV (Newark, NJ)
Sonic Ignition (Washington, DC)
All Hit Videos (Bangor, ME)
Metal Mania (dayton, OH)
Musical Mayhem (Poland, ME)
Sabroso Video (Allentown, PA)
Spin Off (Washington, DC)
T.A.K. Music (Brooklyn, NY)
VidDream (Wilmington, DE)
Video Hits (Rochester, NY)
Austin Music Network (Austin, TX)
Bobby T Show (Birmingham, AL)
DoVidoX (Avondale Estates, GA)
Raw Time (Austin, TX)
Soundcheck (Goodlettsville, TN)
Video Spot 1 (Lawerenccville, GA)
Heavy Pork (Wichita, KA)
High Voltage (Minneapolis, MN)
JBTV (Chicago, Il)
Rail 3 (Brookfield, Il)
Bohemia After Dark (Pheonix, AZ)
Music Link (Denver, CO)
Music Link (Culver City, CA)
California Music Channel (Oakland, CA)
FNV (Modesto, CA)
Hard Times (Eugene, OR)
Music Video 8 (San Francisco, CA)
NotesFrom The Underground (Long Beach, CA)
Pirate Television (Honolulu, HI)
Rhythems on The Rockside (San Diego, CA)
Smash Hits (Santa Monica, CA)
Top 40 Videos (Burbank CA)
In-Store Sports Network (New York, NY)
Channel M (Los Angeles, CA)
AEI Music (Seattle WA)
ETV (Burbank, CA)
Screen Play (Seattle, WA)
Promo Only (Orlando, FL)
Rockamerica (New York, NY)
Much Music USA (New York, NY)
Blastro (Austin, TX)
Rollingstone.com (Chicago, Il)
Sputnik 7 (NY, NY)
FMiTV (Burbank, CA)
InterneTV (Austin, TX)