Karl's Corner - 01/10/2002

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01/10/02 too tired to think of a rap quote

...okay the weary soldiers have a report. In the studio, Rivers says thet tonights tracking session (where all the instruments are played at once to create a basic track) is done, and it was the last one! Now there will be 2 days of guitar and vocal overdubs, and then on Monday the production moves into the mixing process! Everyone is exhausted but stoked at the same time.

...Meanwhile, I'm just about batty from working all day and night on updating the Recording History. I can now present you with "Page 12" which represents EVERYTHING from 2001! To check it out, click on "Info" above and then "recording history". Skip ahead to page 12 and see whats what. If you spot any wacky errors, let me know! Time for bed.