Karl's Corner - 01/18/2002

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01/18/02 you, you got what i need...

update: we're aware some of you are having problems getting into the mboard. it's being worked on!

...lots going on folks, keep your eyes open all over the site!

...some more info is in on how to request the "Photograph" video locally. (mucho thanks to the very helpful fans who went digging for info, esp. Jessi!) All request info will be compiled an the Photograph video page.

note: "Rage TV" airs throughout Eastern Massachusetts on channel 56 (the WB affiliate) at 2 am Saturdays. (not just in Brockton, MA)

  • Wichita's "Heavy Pork"

email requests to heavyporktv@yahoo.com.

  • Rockamerica (New York, NY)

email requests to: ed@rockamericamusic.com. Website: here.

  • Blastro (Austin, TX)

Website: here.

  • InterneTV (Austin, TX)

Website: here.

  • Music Link (Denver, CO)

info: Music Link is broadcast on KBDI Channel 12 TV and a local radio station.
no request info has surfaced yet.

  • A/V Squad (NYC)

email requests to: avsquad@burlybear.com. Website: here.

  • Power Play Music Video TV (Newark, NJ)

request line(?): 973-642-5747. Website: here.

  • Sonic Ignition (Washington, DC)

DCTVCh. 5 & DCTV Ch. 10 Fri @ pm - 8:30 pm & Mon @ 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Website: here.

  • All Hit Videos (Bangor, ME)

Saturday Night @ 12 midnight
email requests to: cfoster@allhitvideos.com. Website: here.

  • VidDream (Wilmington, DE)

email requests to: VidDREAM@TheTINKsInc.com. Website: here.

  • Video Hits (Rochester, NY)

email requests to: videohits7@hotmail.com.

  • Bobby T Show (Birmingham, AL)

WABM TV-68 Sunday Nights @11pmTime Warner Cable TV-4 Wednesday Nights @ 10:30pmBIRMINGHAM, AL (205) 991-7000
email requests to: theBOBBYTshow@aol.com. Website: here.

  • DoVidoX (Avondale Estates, GA)

email requests to: DoVidoX@SirManiac.com.

  • Raw Time (Austin, TX)

"we return the 27th and it will air for the 1st time then. We are a weekly, live public access show with live calls." [no phone number given at this point]. Airs Sundays from Midnight:30-2AM cst.
email requests to: dave@rawtime.com. Website: here.

...the folks over at weezon have a treat for fans that missed the 10/24 Goat Punishment show. They have posted up full video clips of all the performances from that night!