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01/25/02 kool is back

"Police Story" pt 3: "...Is it so hard to believe that cops can like Weezer? I have been a Weezer fan since the day I first heard them. Now I am a cop and if I ever stop someone who has a Weezer sticker, or is playing Weezer on the stereo, there is no way they are getting a ticket..."---J.

"What Rivers Cuomo is to Goat Punishment, Alexei Kovalev is to the Pittsburgh Penguins." -John Buccigross, ESPN2 "NHL Tonight"

...Maladroit radio action already?
There seems to be a good deal of pre-release activity going on for "Maladroit" already, a full 9 weeks before the album is scheduled to drop, not to mention several weeks before the album is even finished! The other day Weezer had its own "Mtv News" flash, where the VJ reporter talked about the upcoming Hyper Extended Midget Tour, "Maladroit", and an upcoming Weezer Tribute Album on an indie label. Also, Entertainment Weekly included a full page feature on "Maladroit" in their "Guide to 2002" issue last week, alongside the likes of Dr. Dre. Awwww yeah. Meanwhile fans across America are reporting in some interesting news...

  • Rock 106.7fm; Southern Alberta, Canada: "...The Morning Crew was talking about Weezer and the new demos, and even played "American Gigolo", it seems like a lot of people here are gets hyped about the new album..."
  • 91.7fm KHPU The Buzz in Brownwood TX: "...Take Control, the mp3 from jan 20th was played last saturday on "180", a 'whats new' radio show..."
  • 105.9 the X: "...Take Control was played. I thought that maybe I hadn't turned the cd player off, but indeed I did. They played it!..."
  • y100 in philadelphia: "...[they] announced the news about the forthcoming album and they pronounced maladroit the americanized way..."
  • also, Rolling Stone online ran an article about Maladroit here.
  • WKET 98.3 FM in Kettering, Ohio: "...[they] debuted the Maladroit mixes of Keep Fishin', Take Control, and Fall Together. (They've also played Getchoo, Only In Dreams, and Photograph in a two hour span.)..."
  • Grenoble Campus Radio, France: [a DJ writes] "I played the 12-06 How Long.mp3 yesterday on Grenoble Campus Radio in ALDALF, my broadcast show!"
  • WTBU radio, Boston University: DJ Mick (of "The Other Side" rarities show) writes "...on February 11th, my show (which airs from 6am-8am ET) will be broadcasting all of the Maladroit MP3s. We broadcast on 640AM/89.3FM in the Boston Area...BUT the best way to hear us is via our webcast at wtburadio.com.
  • 97.7 WOXY in Oxford, Ohio. (studio@woxy.com): is playing the "Mr Taxman" demo...
  • KRZQ: "Dope Nose" getting played

...weezer + lollapalooza 2002: headlining? tell us what you think on the weezer message boards- I've started a thread there for your thoughts on the concept...

...Thanks for your votes in the Australian Triple J Hottest 100 poll! Weezer's "Hash Pipe" came in at 20th, and "Island In The Sun" was 7th!

....photograph video request note- *please* do not 'spam' these stations. only request if you actually have access to one of the listed stations. thanks!

...and heres some cool news: The "Video Hits!" music video program out of Rochester, NY, says:

Photograph: The Good:
"We appreciate that VIDEO HITS! e-mail link from the WEEZER website. I think
it is great and we have been swamped with requests of the WEEZER's video
"Photograph". ...We want to play it this week."

Photograph: The Not-So-Good:
A fan writes: "I've been trying...to get CMC (California Music Channel) to play the 'Photograph' video; redialing and requesting over and over again...But the answer always seems to be "We'll check the vaults" or "I don't think we have that" (which I know isn't true...)."

oh...wait...what's this! =rwa= news updates w/ new tabs. upside yo' head!