Karl's Corner - 01/24/2002

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01/24/02 a lover was born

..."I HAD to laugh when i saw the mail from "Kate" saying she got OFF a ticket for having a Weezer bumper sticker!
I was driving the NY State Thruway last weekend and "lost myself" in "the green" and there was NO CONVINCING that cop that "love of the weez" was an acceptable excuse! Not even my best smile got me out of this one! (Cost of
this little incident: to be determined!)..." ---Dolly

...the guys continue careening toward the completion of the recording and mixing phase of "Maladroit"...all recording bits should be done by Saturday, mixing soon thereafter...

...appearing shortly at this spot will be some pretty interesting stories from around the world involving bits of "Maladroit" getting airplay already!

....photograph video request note- *please* do not 'spam' these stations. only request if you actually have access to one of the listed stations. thanks!

...and heres some cool news: The "Video Hits!" music video program out of Rochester, NY, says:

"We appreciate that VIDEO HITS! e-mail link from the WEEZER website. I think
it is great and we have been swamped with requests of the WEEZER's video
"Photograph". ...We want to play it this week."