Karl's Corner - 01/06/2002

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01/06/02 The new bump n twist: got a gig on my back (a Gigabyte) (huh?)

...well, the guys have been at work in the studio for about 3 weeks now, and the musical fruits of their labors have been shared with the world, so everyone can see how theyve been doing and how the songs have been progressing. This has been pretty much an unprecidented peek into the making of an album, and far more descriptive that stories and photos could explain... (though, yes, there will be some more stories and photos of these sessions of course!). Some people have been speculating on who is producing these sessions, as it was never really announced. Well thats because the band is essentially doing it themselves, but with some help. As shown on =RWA= news, "Righteous" Rod Cervera, ex-Supersport2000/Rentals, has been helping out with the recordings, lending his sharp ears and sonic expertise. Also, sitting in the engineers chair has been our old buddy Chad Bamford, a gifted soundman who engineered numerous demos for the guys back in the fall of 2000.

The schedule now calls for one more week of recording, and then going to a different studio to mix the tracks, as well as adding any last minute bits and pieces to the album. The album is to be "turned in" at the beginning of February, and that, my freinds, is that!

For an informal mini-interview with Rivers about the recording sessions, see here.

According to previous quotes from the band, the album should be released in late April. As we speak, the artwork for the packaging is being worked on and preparations are underway for all the stuff that happens when an album is released. As you know, there is a bunch of touring scheduled for directly after these album sessions, starting with the 3rd and final leg of the US tour (February's Hyper Extended Midget Tour, whose full details and confirmations are trickling in as we speak), and continuing to parts of Europe, then Japan. By the Japan Tour or thereabouts, the album should be out.

Meanwhile, (back at the Green ranch...) The video for "Photograph" is being sent out to numerous regional and local music video shows, starting tomorrow. I am awaiting a list of where its going, so we can share the info on stations who have it, and therefore let you know who to be calling with your requests!

...and, while some sites have had this info for a few, we can finally announce "weezer.com style" that the other opening act for the Hyper Extended Midget Tour is in fact Ozma! They will play first, then Saves The Day, then Weezer, for all Hyper Extended Midget shows.

...viewers of CNN Headline News may have noticed a little sidebar text blurb about weezer: "Weezer 4TH Album. Due in Spring. Some songs already available on the website." ...CNN Headline News!?! Well...cool. it's headline news to us, thats for sure.

...Radio Report follow-up: The DJ writes back!

This is Buzz Adams at KLAQ radio in El Paso. After receiving a few
e-mails from disgruntled Weezer fans I was finally advised to log on to
your website to see what all the uproar is about. Suffice to say I was
baffled when I read the paragraph about me under the heading "weez-hating
dj's". The fan who wrote to you is obviously zelous but misguided. I've
loved you guys every since "The Sweater Song". Granted, I don't control our
playlist.Our program director does and although we don't play as much
Weezer as I'd personally like, by the same token we don't play Linkin Park
either. I theorize that our letter writer got me confused with another d.j.
. Whatever the case may be, I think I'm getting a bum rap...No hard
feelings, I just want to clear my good name.
Thanks very much,
Buzz Adams
KLAQ, El Paso"