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Black Market Flowers

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Black Market Flowers
Black Market Flowers fish lens.jpg
Background information
Origin United States
Years active 1990-1998
Genre(s) Alternative Rock
Label(s) Boys Life / Relativity
Website MySpace

Black Market Flowers was a Los Angeles-based rock trio that existed in the early to mid 1990s.


Black Market Flowers played occasional gigs with Weezer during their early club days, and also befriended Mykel and Carli Allan. In fact, they were the first to write and record a song called "Mykel and Carli" - just weeks before Rivers Cuomo penned his "Mykel & Carli". The band is currently defunct. Both their studio albums, Bind and Thicket were rereleased in 2010 although only available digitally.

The Black Market Flowers song about the Allan sisters later appeared on the 1997 Vast Records compilation Hear You Me! A Tribute To Mykel And Carli.

Shows played with Weezer

Date City Venue Other band(s) Concert Source
August 20, 1992 West Hollywood, CA Club Dump El Magnifico, Further, and Swirl Weezer concert: 08/20/1992 [1]
August 26, 1992 West Hollywood, CA Club Lingerie Joyride Weezer concert: 08/26/1992 [2]
October 5, 1992 Los Angeles, CA Club Lingerie El Magnifico, Trancendental Hayride, Big Elf Weezer concert: 10/05/1992 [3]
October 15, 1992 West Hollywood, CA Club Dump Spade Ghetto Destruction, Crank, Borax Weezer concert: 10/15/1992 [4]
October 21, 1992 West Hollywood, CA English Acid Weezer concert: 10/21/1992 [5]
November 21, 1992 Santa Monica, CA The Alligator Lounge Joyride, Crux, El Magnifico, Missing Honey, Boys Named Sue, Silvertrain, Fast Eddie Lee, "DJ Cock" Weezer concert: 11/21/1992 [6]
June 7, 1993 Los Angeles, CA Club Lingerie El Magnifico Weezer concert: 06/07/1993 [7]
August 15, 1997 Los Angeles, CA The Palace That Dog Weezer concert: 08/15/1997 [8]

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