Karl's Corner - 08/12/2002

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08/12/02 what's golden?

...L.A. day "off" #2 of 3: mucho mas work
Today was a twofold day of work for the karl. First was a meeting at Geffen with the "New Media" [web, dvds, etc] department, wherein I turned in a whole bunch of completed clips prepared especially for the DVD, and we talked menu details and such. I still have a chunk of more clips to prepare and turn in, but Im starting to finally feel that the mountaintop has been reached, and the trail is finally starting to angle downhill. Currently the plan calls for an October release, but any number of delays could still occur. In any event, the stuff I'm solely responsible for should be turned in throughout the rest of this month, and then its down to the serious tweaking and fine tuning.

The second part of the day was spent with weez cronie/Psoma + Nerf Herder member Justin, as we tackled the massive labor intensive project of re-doing Rivers' home studio. The bulk of the work was cleaning out some huge and packed to the gills storage areas, which were filled to overflowing with everything from forgotten steel body guitars, to bags of totally unnecessary cement mix. What a mess! In the end, the studio was bereft of all nasty junk and useless extra furnature, and started to resemble a place one could make music again. And Justin had a van extremely overloaded with heavy junk!

...pic #7: rediscovered, strangely still unerased dry-erase board with recording notes from the Cole demos era (July 2000)...

Keep Fishin':
lots of news has been piling in, thanks to all who have sent some in. Report tomorrow.

...hey, check this out! The WMA is now launched! The WMA is the "Weezer Media Archive", a fantastic new website devoted to compiling in text format, ALL known weezer press articles! It currently has *836* articles about weezer: interviews, album reviews, miscellaneous references, news items and more. Browse through the archive to learn everything you ever wanted to learn and more about weezer!!!

...Magazine update: The August 2002 Mix magazine (not "The Mix " or "Mixmag" but "Mix") which has a big room with a piano on the cover, is finally out, and does indeed have a pretty long article on the making of Maladroit, including comments from both Pat Wilson and engineer Chad Bamford. The October ish of Modern Drummer magazine has a short but interesting blurb on Maladroit on page 153.

...thanks again for all the tabs, troubleshooting, and news items youve been sending in. This week should see quite a few updates all over weezer.com.