Karl's Corner - 08/28/2002

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08/28/02 im gonna sit right down and write myself a letter

The Lion And The Witch:Update
Some more info has filtered in about the upcoming EP release "The Lion And The Witch". This info, listed below, will be added to the Lion And The Witch Big Page, where you can always access the info on this limited release coming out on the 24th. [f.y.i., the 'big pages' for all of weezers album releases are always linked from our uber-informative info page].

The Music Monitor record store chain is carrying the EP, and full details and store list can be found on freecd.com. The other store group is the Coalition of Independent Music Stores [once there, click on the "cims stores" button], and full details about all their stores is available there.

Meanwhile, several stores have websites and will be selling online. Both Gallery of Sound and Dimple are currently taking online orders. Also, Waterloo Records are as well. update: the Waterloo Records online store has just announced: "Unfortunately, due to overwhelming demand we've had to remove the Weezer "The Lion and the Witch" EP from the online store. If you've already ordered it, your copies will be shipped as soon as possible when released. If you did not have the opportunity to order it, we will be selling copies in our physical store on September 24th." Another online shop, Vintage Vinyl was taking preorders but apparently stopped. Not sure if they will get more or not.

...on a recent day on CNN Headline news, weezer made another "news ticker" appearence, this time for the EP. "Live From Tokyo: rockers weezer to release live album in September from world cup tour". Nice!