Karl's Corner - 08/19/2002

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08/19/02 all you gotta do is repeat after me

touring: travel day: Osaka, Japan to London, England

Today was officially the roughest day of the tour, due to sheer quantity of travel. We got up at 5:30 again, cruised to the Osaka airport, and got on a 12 hour flight to Frankfurt, Germany. A personal highlight was watching "Monsters Inc.", which helped about 1/7th of the flight go by. Thats some funny stuff. The laptop gave 4 hours of battery life, so that was 4 hours of website work. The rest was the bleary 1/2 sleep of airplane insanity. Frankfurt airport yielded strange 'smoking kiosks' which the smokers rooted at, and everyone else avoided like the plague! Starving, I suceeded in getting the McDonalds to serve me meat-less cheeseburgers, which wasnt easy in Germany! That was pretty cool. Then we boarded a short flight to London, collected the baggage, and went into the city to check into the hotel. Heres where the jet lag attacks- We were feeling 2 AM, but it was only 5 PM. The race was on to stay up as long as possible. A really awesome walk in Hyde Park, watching the waterfowl and people, helped out a lot. Happily, tomorrow is a true day off, so everyone can recharge the batteries. Expect a catch-up on Keep Fishin news, and many fixes on the radio request page, and some 'Lion and the Witch' stuff.