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08/08/02 yellow sno-cone = bad idea

reminder: Keep Fishin' requests...
The next 2 weeks are critical for "Keep Fishin'". Those who can should request it at their local Modern Rock radio station(station list here). The single is on the cusp of doing really well, but now its "make or break" time, and your *consistent* requests over the next 2 weeks are important! We need to send a "daily reminder" to these stations that you guys arent satisfied with their usual selection, and that only the new weezer track will do! Jordan, weezer's head man at Geffen Records and a real expert when it comes to this type of stuff told us: "the fans [need to] request keep fishin on their local mod rock stations consistently over next 2 weeks, so its not a flood of calls over a couple of days-we need to push into top of chart now or the track won't get played enough to drive sales." Woah! Now that's a taste of official business that really lays it out in black and white. Jordan really knows about these things, so we gotta give it the ol' college try! So if you can, request consistently over the next 2 weeks and try and help us put this one over the edge!

also, an Mtv reminder...[1 day left to make it! can it be done?]
Over the past few years, the subject of "getting on trl" has been divisive for weezer fans to say the least. Some are adamantly against it, some think it would be really cool to break into such exclusive territory with some good music, and others dont watch Mtv anyhow and just dont care! Now, weezer has flirted with TRL in the past with "Hash Pipe", to mixed reaction from the fans. The TRL "machine" is notoriously difficult to affect, as hoardes of fans of todays hottest boy bands, teen divas, rap stars and "cute" punks clog the vote tallys at all times.

That having been said, the band thinks its time to experiment here. The "Keep Fishin'" video popped up on the "wannabe" list last week, and there have been several fan-led attempts to vote Keep Fishin' in the top 10, which so far have failed. Well, weezer wants this week to be "THE week", and is asking all those who would cast their votes to do so all this week, Monday the 5th untill Friday the 9th. Can the fans shove the weez into the countdown, a full year after the Hash Pipe made it? That what we'd like to find out here. Thanks in advance for voting and trying to inject a little weez into the monolith of That Carson Guy. note: several fans have noted that "you can vote as many times as you want- just hit the back button and vote again!". others have said that "turning off your browser cookies" helps to ensure that every vote counts!

Enlightenment Tour Day 34: Travel/Day Off [L.A.: 'Jackass' screening party]

Today the guys had a day off, but fortuitously, the private first screening of the "Jackass" movie [due out in October] was today, and weezer was invited. The private affair was chock full of interesting characters, including Slash of Guns n Roses, Andrew W.K., Spike Jonze [of course!], Tre Cool of Green Day, and of course the whole Johnny Knoxville-Jackass-CKY clan. Apparently Mtv rented out the Los Feliz area house, whose backyard was ideal for erecting a big movie screen. $13.99 lawn furnature (all pricetags intact) was in place for the screening audience.

This movie is the finest film of 2002... so long as you can stand (in Johnny Knoxville's words) "entirely too much man-ass."...not to mention some nasty barfing.... and, er... well, if youre over 17 or have a parent or guardian with you, check it out this fall. Lets just say we couldnt stop laughing, and something rediculously funny happens about every 8 seconds.

After the screening it was back to the hob-nobbing, with both Mtv cameras and interviewers all over the place, not to mention about 20 guys' camcorders going at all times. These Jackass guys just film everything. I had the personal pleasure of thanking Bam Margera for being so kick-ass. And yes his parents were there!

Tomorrow its down to Irvine Meadows! A LOT of tickets have been sold already! Will this crack Philly's recent record of being the biggest headlining weezer show ever?

...scenes from the party...pic #2, Pat and our old budrow Johnny...#5: Pat keeps an eye on Andrew W.K...pic #6: Spike on the scene, #7+8: Andrew W.K. attacks Spike! Fracas!... #10: Rivers with the Jackass men...#11: Steve-O [say no more!]...

Web News:

riverscuomo.com, a weezer.com sister site and the official website of Rivers, launches in limited form tomorrow!
The Weezer Source has returned, though only until October without help! Have a look and if you can help, have at it.
Weezer RIP is an archive page of recently departed fan-favorite weez sites. cool history and info!

these and several other new sites are being added to the links page shortly!

fan announcements + corrections:

Irvine show Tailgate Party update: "tailgate party starting around 2 pm in EITHER the parking lots OR across the street from them [if people arent allowed in the lots that early], with a BBQ and music and lotz of crazy obssessive Weezer fans. if you know for sure that you want to help out, please email me as soon as possible. You are welcome to bring whatever you want to bring as long as it's legal, and to be sure that no one else is bringing the same thing, I would totally appreciate it if you could tell me what you think you want to take. Soda, Beer, food, boom boxes, ect; as well as charcoal, lighter fluid, and yourselves seem fitting. I myself will be bombarding the party with baked goods and stuff for the grill, so yeah, come and join us. As for exactly where we will be in the parking lots, we are still new to the venue and have no idea how the parking structure looks like. There WILL on the other hand be posters or banners taped around the lot in order for you fellow =w= fans to find us. There are already roughly 20 or so fellow weezerites signed on to coming to our little shindig, and hey, the more the merrier!" =michelle= (gEEkLuvzRivers on the .com boards; AIM:GeekyWeemoBabe)

Chicago Weezerfest: Cancelled! rescheduling coming soon, see weezerfest.com and/or PM boardmembers Lexie416 and Imjellobaby.

This fan website is devoted to "...making sure everyone who wants "The Lion and the Witch" gets it" by trying to hook up people who dont have a store near them, to people who do.

Keep Fishin' report: some updates

  • video:

Video download is cropping up on both Netscape and AOL IM homepages. Thats a lot of people seeing Kermit and Rivers together and going "hey, whats this?"

Mtv2 "Control Freak": Another victory, Vs. Blink 182's 'Rock Show", after a close battle!
MTV Indonesia: Keep Fishin' video is doing well! ...recently shown in the "Fresh" show, in the twice daily show "MTV Land"!
Channel V Australia: Keep Fishin now flirting with the WhatUWant Top 10" list, as well as being the "Ripe" video of the week.

  • radio:

Remember to request whenever you can over the next 2 weeks! These people did! [**NOTE that the "K-rock" link in the requests page needs fixing, for the moment it erroneously links to Utica, NY's K-rock. Here's the correct link to the NYC's station's site.]

"...I was just on the radio. My modern rock station in Ny is Krock and I called "Booker" and asked to play: weezer's Keep fishin'. He said: We just played it 2 songs ago. I said: I know, keep playing it over and over for an hour. He said: won't that get boring? I said: Mix in some Weezer classics in there. He said: Thank God you don't run a radio station. I said: Thanks! It was fun! I'll keep requesting Weezer everyday for the rest of this week on MTV and on my Radio Station! Go Weezer!" -Jack, NYC
"...I have been furiously trying to get all the mod rock stations in Milwaukee to play "Keep Fishing" today. I requested on the internet at Lazer 103 and 102.1 quite a few times and I called 102.1 and talked to the DJ for a couple minutes about the video, mostly about Miss Piggy beatin the crap out of everyone. I'll keep requesting as much as I can." -Cameron

K-Rock NYC's website acknowledges the rabid weez fan base playing a big part in weezer rising up the rungs of their Battle of the Bands competition! Also, Keep Fishin' hit #2 on their "furious five at nine" last night! DJ (Booker) sez that this is the highest Weezer has ever been on the countdown!...Y101 in Richmond, VA [#5 on their "Plan 9 @ 9" on 8/7]...89 X Detroit [#5 on their top 9 @ 9]...101.1 WJRR "Real Rock" in Central Florida ['regular rotation']... O-Rock 105.9 WOCL in Central Florida ['heavy play']...In Australia, Triple-J radio station is also giving "Keep Fishin'"a fair amount of airplay, and it should do well in their "Net 5O" later this week....91 Rock Chattanooga State [Weezer listed as 1 on their Hot College Tracks, and as 1 on the most requested list!