Karl's Corner - 08/31/2002

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08/31/02 many is a word that only leaves you guessing

...So August draws to a close, as the weez lays low for a few. Up soon is a new round of rehearsals in LA, to continue work on songs for the upcoming 5th album recording sessions, which are slated to take place later in the fall, with a producer who is yet to be decided on. As this develops in the coming weeks, you'll be the first to know about it...

Meanwhile, some developments for the DVD, which I've been frantically working on all summer. Due to the large amount of work that they will need to do to have all the various and sundry footage approved for use, the record company has suggested moving the release back to after X-mas, to sometime early in '03. While I know that sounds like a bummer, it's actually fine by me if it helps make the DVD be all I'm hoping it can be. I'd love to share some of the scoop on what's going to be on it, but until more work is done with firming things up, I don't want to jump the proverbial gun. As soon as more details become known, you can be sure they will be here first.

Keep Fishin' report:

okay, the mystery of the conflicting CD single tracklist has apparently been solved, thanks to various Irish fans who bought both CDs and report whats actually on them. As it turns out, there is a 3 audio track limit on any single issued in The UK, or it is disqualified from the singles chart [!!], so The Franklin Mint version of Keep Fishin' has apparently been removed. So to sum up, heres what you got:

  • PROMO ONLY radio cd single in Europe and the UK [not for sale, for radio station use - pictured above]

1)Keep Fishin [Radio version]
2)Keep Fishin' [album version]

  • International CD SINGLE [out 9/2/02]

1) Keep Fishin (Radio Version)
2) Photograph (Live Version)

  • International CD MAXI (UK Maxi Single #1) [Geffen 4977712] [out 9/2/02]

1) Keep Fishin (Radio Version)
2) Photograph (Live Version)
3) Death and Destruction (Live Version)
4) Keep Fishin' (Video)

  • UK (only) CD MAXI Single #2 [Geffen 4977922] [out 9/2/02]

1) Keep Fishin (Radio Version)
2) Slob (Live Version)
3) Knock Down Drag Out (Live Version)
4) Dope Nose Video: not listed on packaging, requires Quicktime to play.

  • 7" vinyl single [UK only] [out 9/2/02]

a) Keep Fishin (Radio Version)
b) Photograph (Live Version) *

USA CD SINGLE [limited to certain US test markets only!] [Release date: September 24] 1) Keep Fishin (Radio Version)
2) Keep Fishin' by the Franklin Mint

  • radio:

...Lick 106.3 'Modern Rock for Little Rock' [#9]...103.7 the Buzz 'the midsouth's 1,000 watt blowtorch' [heavy rotation]...Alas 107.7 Little Rock [pop station x-over!]...107.3 KINX-FM in Great Falls, MT [added via heavy requests]


Weezer makes the cover on France's "Rock + Folk" mag! Keep Fishin' article in the Sept 2 issue of Newsweek!

...fan announcements:

Weezerfest Germany! "It will happen on September 21st in Bielefeld. More info can be found in the news of weezer.de and on weezerfest.de.vu.

note from Brazil: "Saraiva Music Hall is the bigest CD store in Brazil. In the last week, Maladroit was at #8 in the Top 100." -Fernando (São Paulo)