Karl's Corner - 08/05/2002

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08/05/02 consider them dogies to have been sucessfully kept rollin'

Enlightenment Tour Day 31: Travel/Day Off [looong bus ride to Phoenix]

...well, we left San Antonio last night, got on the bus, and started rolling. And rolling. And rolling. Aaand rolling. Then we woke up, on the bus, and we were still rolling. And later, we were still rolling. After that, we were rolling. Its a long way to Phoenix.

But... we got there. The dry heat. The reddish dusty gravel. The big blue sky. The rugged mountains on every horizon. The wacky desert critters scuttling across the sidewalks!

Keep Fishin' report:

  • video:

Over the past few years, the subject of "getting on trl" has been divisive for weezer fans to say the least. Some are adamantly against it, some think it would be really cool to break into such exclusive territory with some good music, and others dont watch Mtv anyhow and just dont care! Now, weezer has flirted with TRL in the past with "Hash Pipe", to mixed reaction from the fans. The TRL "machine" is notoriously difficult to affect, as hoardes of fans of todays hottest boy bands, teen divas, rap stars and "cute" punks clog the vote tallys at all times.

That having been said, the band thinks its time to experiment here. The "Keep Fishin'" video popped up on the "wannabe" list last week, and there have been several fan-led attempts to vote Keep Fishin' in the top 10, which so far have failed. Well, weezer wants this week to be "THE week", and is asking all those who would cast their votes to do so all this week, Monday the 5th untill Friday the 9th. Can the fans shove the weez into the countdown, a full year after the Hash Pipe made it? That what we'd like to find out here. Thanks in advance for voting and trying to inject a little weez into the monolith of That Carson Guy.

Keep Fishin'... by the numbers!
MTV: number 9 on Mtv's top 20 videos!
MTV2: 5th most played video!! Also continues to do well on "Control Freak", recently defeating Slum Village and Lauryn Hill
VH1: was at #18 on their top 20 countdown, currently = 17!
MuchMusic [Canada]: premiered at #30 on the Much Music top 30 countdown. Also, A new "weezer spotlight" airs on August 12.
MuchMoreMusic [Canada]: debuted at #20 on the MuchMoreMusic top 30 Countdown [this is sorta like VH1 for canada]
MTV2 Europe: Vote here to request Keep Fishin on MTV2 Europe! (click on the "Your Channel" button, then the "vote for your favourite here" button).
CD-UK [England]: this Saturday morning teen pop video show has played Keep Fishin'!
Mtv UK/Ireland: cool note: The "Buddy Holly" video was recently listed in the top 15 most videos EVER played on mtv in the UK and Ireland. News story here.
Rage [Australia]: Had Keep Fishin' in its top positions, playing both first and last on the show!
Channel V [Australia]: Keep Fishin' scored the "Ripe" clip of the week! It will get played around once every hour from this Sunday(4/8) until next Sunday(11/8).

  • radio:

...crazy stuff over at K-Rock in NYC! So far in their "Battle of the Bands", Weezer beat Janes Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and former tourmates Tenacious D, to reach the semi-finals! Now they are up against Pearl Jam. If weezer beats them they go to the finals! To vote, click here! Also at K-Rock, Keep Fishin' is at # 12 on the playlist...AND on "the Buzz" segment, Burndt Jamb was played! ...Meanwhile, other stations playing the song include: Y100 Philly [Hit NUMBER 1 on the "top 7 at 8" a few days ago!]...94.3 FM Orange County CA [#1 today on the Most Wanted Countdown!]...107.7 the X in Birmingham, AL...99.1 whfs...DC101...Lick 106.3 "Modern Rock for Little Rock" [#1; has won the 9 o'clock cock fight 3 days in a row!]...103.7 the Buzz ["in heavy rotation"]... G105.1 in Raleigh, NC. [first Maladroit single on any of the Raleigh radio stations]...

...in Australia, Triple J (the government funded Alternative radio station) has a listener-vote driven program called Net 50. Burndt Jamb debuted this week at 24, While Dope Nose went up to number 12! They are ALSO playing Keep Fishin' too!

...89.3 chicago [loyola] did a short lineup of some of the unrealeased stuff for album five. they played superstar, untenable, the victor, acapulco, and booby trap!

  • Keep Fishin' single update:

some more info has come to light:

PROMO ONLY radio cd single in Europe and the UK. [Not for sale, already sent to radio in UK and Europe]
1) Keep Fishin (Single Version)
2) Keep Fishin (Album Version)

International CD SINGLE [Release date: September 2]
1) Keep Fishin (Single Version)
2) Photograph (Live Version) *

International CD MAXI (UK Maxi Single #1) [Release date: September 2]
1) Keep Fishin (Single Version)
2) Photograph (Live Version) *
3) Death and Destruction (Live Version) *
4) Keep Fishin' (Video)

UK only CD MAXI Single #2 [Release date: September 2]
1) Keep Fishin (Single Version)
2) Slob (Live Version) *
3) Knock Down Drag Out (Live Version) *
4) Keep Fishin' by the Franklin Mint

UK only 7" VINYL SINGLE [Release date: September 2]
a) Keep Fishin (Single Version)
b) Photograph (Live Version) *

USA CD SINGLE [limited to certain US test markets only!] [Release date: September 17]
1) Keep Fishin (Single Version)
2) Keep Fishin' by the Franklin Mint

* The live versions are all drawn from the Japan World Cup Tour, and in all cases are different tracks than the live stuff set to appear on the upcoming "The Lion and the Witch" US-only limited EP. [one song is the same live recording but a different mix than what will be on the EP]. The 'Franklin Mint' version of Keep Fishin' was partially revealed in an unfinished form on the audio video page as "George Hartwig" a while back.

  • "The Lion And The Witch" EP UPDATE:

"The Lion And The Witch" EP will be released on September 17th only at certain independent record shops. There are no copies for sale online, and all copies are going only to shops on the list of stores posted below:

<lyrics> Bionic Cypress, CA Disc Exchange Knoxville, TN earX-tacy Louisville, KY Easy Street Seattle, WA Electric Fetus Minneapolis, MN Face The Music Eugene, OR Fingerprints Long Beach, CA Homer's Bellevue, NE Hoodlums Music Tempe, AZ Kief's Lawrence, KS Lakeshore Record Exchange Rochester, NY Looney Tunes West Babylon, NY Lou's Records Encinitas, CA Music Millennium Portland, OR New World Record Buffalo, NY Park Avenue CDs Winter Park, FL Pure Pop Burlington, VT Record & Tape Traders Owings Mill, MD Record Archive Rochester, NY Record Exchange Boise, ID Record Service Champaign, IL Record Time Roseville, MI Rhino Records/Mad Platter Claremont, CA Salzer's Ventura, CA Schoolkids Cary, NC Twist and Shout Denver, CO Uncle Sam's Miami Beach, FL Vintage Vinyl Fords, NJ Bull Moose Music Brunswick ME Bull Moose Music No. Windham ME Bull Moose Music Portland ME Bull Moose Music Lewiston ME Bull Moose Music Sanford ME Bull Moose Music Waterville ME Bull Moose Music Bangor ME Bull Moose Music Portsmouth NH Bull Moose Music Salem NH Cat's #01 Memphis TN Cat's #02 Knoxville TN Cat's #05 Oak Ridge TN Cat's #10 Chattanooga TN Cat's #23 Memphis TN Cat's #24 Johnson City TN Cat's #25 Germantown TN Cat's #26 Bartlett TN Cat's #27 Knoxville TN Cat's #28 Kingsport TN Cat's #34 Cordova TN Cat's #38 Jackson TN Cat's #40 N. Charleston SC Cat's #41 Mt. Pleasant SC Cat's #43 Summerville SC Cat's #45 Pigeon Forge TN Cat's #48 Destin FL Cat's #49 Charleston SC Cat's #50 Hermitage TN Cat's #51 Nashville TN Cat's #53 Dickson TN Cat's #62 Murfreesboro TN Cat's Music & DVDS Franklin TN Pop Tunes #55 Memphis TN Pop Tunes #56 Memphis TN Pop Tunes #57 Memphis TN Pop Tunes #58 Memphis TN Pop Tunes #59 Horn Lake MS Pop Tunes #60 Collierville TN Pop Tunes #61 Memphis TN Compact Disc World Parippany NJ Compact Disc World Union NJ Compact Disc World Totowa NJ Compact Disc World Paramus NJ Compact Disc World Eatontown NJ Compact Disc World East Hanover NJ Compact Disc World Cherry Hill NJ Compact Disc World Lawrence Township NJ Compact Disc World East Brunswick NJ Compact Disc World Edison NJ Dimple Records Citrus Heights CA Dimple Records Folsom CA Dimple Records Roseville CA Dimple Records Sacramento CA Gallery of Sound West Hazleton PA Gallery of Sound Matamoras PA Gallery of Sound Mt. Pocono PA Gallery of Sound Clarks Summit PA Gallery of Sound Dickson City PA Gallery of Sound Dallas PA Gallery of Sound Pittston PA Gallery of Sound Willkes-Barre PA Gallery of Sound Willkes-Barre PA Gallery of Sound Edwardsville PA Gallery of Sound Bloomsburg PA Independent Records Colorado Springs CO Independent Records Colorado Springs CO Independent Records Colorado Springs CO Independent Records Denver CO Independent Records Pueblo CO Independent Records Security/Widefield CO Rasputin Music Berkeley CA Rasputin Music Campbell CA Rasputin Music Newark CA Rasputin Music Pleasant Hill CA Rasputin Music San Francisco CA Rasputin Music San Lorenzo CA Rasputin Music Vallejo CA The Record Exchange Winston-Salem NC The Record Exchange Greensboro NC The Record Exchange Raleigh NC The Record Exchange Raleigh NC The Record Exchange Charlotte NC The Record Exchange Roanoke VA The Record Exchange Blacksburg VA The Record Exchange Salem VA The Record Exchange Lynchburg VA Streetside Records Overland Park KS Streetside Records University City MO Streetside Records Creve Coeur MO Streetside Records Columbia MO Streetside Records Manchester MO Streetside Records Crestwood MO Streetside Records Kansas City MO Streetside Records Ferguson MO Streetside Records St. Louis MO ZIA Record Exchange Tuscon AZ ZIA Record Exchange Phoenix AZ ZIA Record Exchange Phoenix AZ ZIA Record Exchange Phoenix AZ ZIA Record Exchange Tuscon AZ ZIA Record Exchange Tuscon AZ ZIA Record Exchange Tempe AZ </lyrics>