Karl's Corner - 08/06/2002

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08/06/02 little by little [again]

Enlightenment Tour Day 32: Travel/Day Off [Phoenix: "almost end of tour party"]

special note: Oasis members Noel, Andy and Jay were injured this afternoon in a bad car wreck in Indianapolis. No severe injuries were reported, but injuries were bad enough that doctors insisted they rest for 2 days, thus missing their Indy gig. Our best wishes go out to the lads!

Tonight there was a private party held for all the Enlightenment tour bands and crew, from both the side and main stages. Attendance was good, with nearly every band and crew member showing up to a dinner club that had been rented out for the evening. Fender Guitars supplied jam session gear that was taken advantage of by a bizarre assortment of characters. Gracing the party with their rock presence were 2 local Rock legends, Alice Cooper, and Marty Friedman, the guitar shredder from Megadeth. Alice socialized, but Marty had a blazing shred session, with Pat and Scott on duty on their normal instruments. Later all sorts of various motley crews invaded the stage, and covers of everything from Ratt to The Thompson Twins to Led Zeppelin were heard...

...unexpected press dep't: In the 8/6 Wall Street Journal, there was a front page story on people selling their 'junk' on ebay to make their car payments and such, as opposed to selling their stocks which these days isnt such a profitable deal. Their first example was of a guy whose first auction was "five T-shirts featuring the power-pop band Weezer." He netted $41, saying "This is...going to be grocery necessities and electric bills".

Fan Announcements:

Irvine show: "tailgate party starting around 2 pm in the parking lots with a BBQ and music and lotz of crazy obssessive Weezer fans. if you know for sure that you want to help out, please email me as soon as possible. You are welcome to bring whatever you want to bring as long as it's legal, and to be sure that no one else is bringing the same thing, I would totally appreciate it if you could tell me what you think you want to take. Soda, Beer, food, boom boxes, ect; as well as charcoal, lighter fluid, and yourselves seem fitting. I myself will be bombarding the party with baked goods and stuff for the grill, so yeah, come and join us. As for exactly where we will be in the parking lots, we are still new to the venue and have no idea how the parking structure looks like. There WILL on the other hand be posters or banners taped around the lot in order for you fellow =w= fans to find us. There are already roughly 20 or so fellow weezerites signed on to coming to our little shindig, and hey, the more the merrier!" =michelle= (gEEkLuvzRivers on the .com boards; AIM:GeekyWeemoBabe)

Concord show: pre show message board gathering. Boarders monster358, curlyhare1, and pantleggs are organizing this. "...As of now, the list stands at 60 something total, about 40 confirmed. We plan to meet early before the show and mingle. The three of us made a huge sign for the .commers to spot--at the moment, the plan is it will be up to them to find us. Many are planning to wear id tags, and I know at least one plans on hosting a mass sing-along. There will be more info to come which we will post a thread for and/or do another mass pm... hopefully people will keep their eyes peeled on the boards for the final plan!"

Boston Weezerfest: Info here.

Chicago Weezerfest: Aug. 17 at 1 pm. Location is: Carpenter Park, 248 Maple Ave, Carpentersville,IL 60110. Being organized by boardmembers Lexie416 and Imjellobaby.

Champaign Illinois Weezerfest: August 17th, from 2-5pm at Hessel Park. Email here, or contact the organizers on the boards: Baa Baa Black Sheep and MomoCuomo.

Nottingham, UK: "Monday 12th August; The Arburitum Park, Nottingham, England. My Weezer Tribute Band called Jonas are playing as part of LaughingStock 2002. the gig is an all day-er starting at 2 pm. come down and join the fun. If you don't know where the park is ask Loz (in drums)@ Academy Of Sound, Nottingham for details." ---Dan